So, will the network effect transfer over this time, or will this most recent Twitter drama die out again?

@jcorgan Not really following twitter things. What's going on this time?

@kekcoin There's drama around Twitter's policies for posts, and they recently began tagging a few of Trump's posts with warnings. For me, though, it just seems like everything is overrun with bots and trolls.

@jcorgan @kekcoin for me the bird site is still manageable (3.6K followers) with moderate muting and the occasional block (especially against reply-hijacking, or anything that smells like organised propaganda). There's a setting to automatically hide replies for accounts below a certain threshold (e.g. the default icon).

I have no reason to believe Mastodon fares better under the same pressure, but it's open source, so it's easier to customise, and we can all chip in to improve stuff.

@jcorgan @kekcoin but it's clear to me there are topics that can't be discussed and phrases that can't be uttered on the bird site. Some of those I'm not inclined to discuss or utter, but I don't want to wait until the slippery slope reaches me.

I was sent to kangaroo court recently too:

@jcorgan I stayed from the first wave. This is the second, so I don't know. Depends on how much people are addicted to their follower numbers. It seems they care about that more than actual freedom of expression.

@jcorgan It will go in waves, so we can expect another influx every time Twitter goes insane.

I don't think we get a critical mass this time, or a few more times.

@jcorgan @panicfomo everytime I post to Twitter now I pause and think “If I posted this on Mastodon the chance of it getting censored are far less”. I think with time more people will come around.

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