So BIP78 has been merged (no, don't ask me what that means!) and even has a test vector:

It's interesting how much debate there was about tiny subtleties of fee choice and restriction, and what each side checks - even the most trivial 2 party protocol can be hugely complex with interactivity.

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@meeDamian We did the prototype a double pcb with potting while back. Will see if I can make it economically viable for next year.

@zlok That which derives its existence from a piece of paper and the whims of politicians can be ended in the same way.

Tired of the screaming on Twitter. Going on a Twitter fast; who knows when it will end.

Well, in any case, the Covid and rioting drama has dimished to the point where TraditionalCryptoTwitterDrama™ has resumed, so I expect to see the exodus continue.

Hmm, seems the recent spurt of Twitter -> Mastodon activity among the bitcoin illuminati has petered out.

@jcorgan (1) if you follow someone (and they don't block you or anything), both their public and private posts will appear in your Home feed as well as any replies mentioning people you also follow; (2) the local timeline includes all public posts and replies from people on your instance (no private posts); (3) the federate timeline includes all public posts and replies from anyone followed by someone on your server (including those followed by bots).

Twitter has become so mainstream with businesses, politicians, and news organizations, the signal to noise ratio has plummeted. While here I see nothing but individuals speaking their mind (at least on the local timeline.)

Feels like home again.

Don't laugh too hard, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the difference between those you follow, the local timeline, and the federated timeline. I mean I understand the distributed model, just not precisely how the software deals with it.

So, will the network effect transfer over this time, or will this most recent Twitter drama die out again?

Just logged back into Mastodon for the first time in a year and a half. Guess I need to follow more folks, there are only about 20 toots on my timeline since then.

Still kickin'. Should probably check in here every once and a while.

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