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So I snuck a runtime option to enable offers into the coming release. This lets you play with the BOLT12 spec as it develops. There's no GUI front end yet, though, but you can create and redeem offers if you enable it.

It uses the onion message draft, which is also not finalized, so you need to connect to nodes which support that. Which means mine, RSN...

@benthecarman @jb55 Call me naive, but a few years ago I would never have thought to ever hear "free speech" in a negative context. It's a truly terrifying development.

What's cool with this setup: you can say "give me a bitcoin block with this hash". And any node on your network could potentially answer this without having to even leave your network.

This could be a part of the network stack itself. How neat would that be?

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maybe we need to change our perspective on things, switch to content-addressability vs location (See ICN[1]). Then any switch could be a potential CDN.


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a decentralized cloudflare will be hard. I don't have any good ideas.

BeagleBoard just announced an affordable (rumored around ~$120) RISC-V board with Linux support

that would be nice

This is probably more of a client/UI thing but anything is possible now...

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ActivityPub node that support lightning tipping. How neat would that be.

one nice feature of the mast ios app: viewing other instance timelines

I uninstalled the twitter app and I feel like my mental health has improved already

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not going to crosspost to twitter. all my posts will be here from now on.

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