Show newer The Imminent Digital Exile. This was made 3 years ago. Prescient video by Lauren.

"Penalties for breaking the stay-at-home order could include up to a year in jail, according to Solicitor General Sylvia Jones."

what a joke

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Why is the example used by Mastodon docs on how to block an entire server???

time to dns block this instance 9-5 like twitter so I can actually get work done

The fight over de-platforming is not about left or right.

It's a fight between those for and against trusting a small number of Silicon Valley elites.

Those who stand against will succeed them.

The problem won't be solved until you get government out of all levels of it

They funded all these social networks, they keep people from starting new ISPs, payment processors, and other infrastructure with all the absurd regulations.

Just getting them to do something about Twitter or some other social network, or even amazon, doesn't solve the actual problem.

Due to an implementation bug, v3 onion services were experiencing instability earlier today.

A bug fix is on the way.

Everything else in Tor works fine even when the consensus is a few hours old, and v3 onion services should too.

You can learn more here:

And here:

Wrote this last year, feels very true this year. Only regret is not really acting on it until now:

So anyone using AWS is at risk of being deplatformed by an unaccountable group of employees who might not like you for political reasons. They are probably against Bitcoin as well because of 鈥渆nergy usage鈥. Good luck running a Bitcoin businesses on AWS.

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AWS took down parler because of a group within amazon called "Amazon Employees For Climate Justice"

"70TB of Parler users鈥 messages, videos, and posts leaked by security researchers"

Even metadata on photos and videos, apparently.
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