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as someone who has recently made react, ios, and soon android frontends for the same app... thinking about just saying fuck it and write responsive, C immediate-mode SDL frontends in the future. I wonder how viable this is in the WASM+webgl era. Lagrange seemed to pull it off?

I love how I can pin a production service to a specific nixpkgs tree, and updating my server will never break it.

pretty easy to send everyone on the lightning network 1 satoshi:

$ lightning-cli listnodes | jq -r '.nodes[].nodeid' > nodes.txt

$ echo 'lightning-cli keysend "$1" 1sat | jq -c .' > dosend && chmod +x ./dosend

$ <nodes.txt parallel ./dosend | tee res.json

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attempting to keysend 17000 lightning nodes 1 satoshi. wish me luck.

really cool trick I just learned from @0xb10c: using gdb branch tracing to count the number of executed instructions between two breakpoints:

"Rather than investing a proportion of Meta’s substantial profits to help ensure the accuracy of medical information shared through social media, you have apparently delegated responsibility to people incompetent in carrying out this crucial task.".

Who saw this coming... somehow incompetent partisan contractors are now in charge of what's true and what's not. corporate social media is bad for you.

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You know big tech censorship has gone off the rails when medical journal editors have to scold zuck for blocking them

@stevenroose you might find this interesting since it sounds like you're in the thick of it

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I don't know if this is a neo thing, but I just noticed if you `:set rnu nu` you get both relative line numbers, as well as the current line number

I was playing with libjuice which looks like a nice and tiny ice/stun library. didn't have much luck punching udp holes over the internet though. how cool would it be if there was a simple and portable library for creating data portals over the internet that always worked. (I may have started hacking on a new library called dataportal).

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fun dbus play/pause script that will pop up a dmenu with what target to play/pause if there is more than one. handy if you have a bunch of podcast mpv instances in the background.

Like, legitimacy and meritocracy is no longer tied to large institutions, but individuals and small communities that know their shit. Out of this forms a free market of decentralized ideas, truths, and reputation that evolves over time, instead of only approved thought that is "fact checked" by centrally planned bureaucracies captured by corporate interests.

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Is deinstitutionalization just the opensource bazaar escaping into other aspects of society? 🤔 I'm thinking of the free market aspect of the bazaar applied to the media, social networks, and legitimacy.

The essay is framed in terms of ego-and- reputation-driven peer-reviewed communities leading to more collaborative and higher quality work. Is this not what is happening on substack, social & independent media right now? but with expertise and opinion in general, not just code?

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Not sure why I waited this long to read The Cathedral and the Bazaar but dang that was an interesting read.

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"“It may well turn out that one of the most important effects of open source's success will be to teach us that play is the most economically efficient mode of creative work.”



(seriously worth a watch, because ... I've never seen anything quite like it).

#bitcoin #lightning

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