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Good to see Facebook being honest about their rebranding, at least.

Dear everyone, don't use #gmail. They don't play nice with other email providers: I've been unable to send anything to a gmail address in the last week, and there's seemingly nothing I or the would-be recipient can do to remedy this situation.

Twitter banned Bitcoin Knots Twitter account too. Ffs πŸ˜‚ At this point I think Dorsey could shoot a Bitcoiner's family member in the street and that Bitcoiner would still use Twitter. I don't use i3 but cool to see they use jkl; instead of hjkl for movement. hjkl movement aways seemed suboptimal, especially in roguelikes, since it's not your resting finger position. It's fine in vim since you don't use h very often.

I'm officially detached from all major tech companies. No facebook, insta, google, twitter. Everything self hosted (email, calendar, notes). I plan on self hosting my activitypub node in the future as well once I get around to finishing that code. cya corporate web!

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I'm not on twitter anymore: I'm doing less social media in general. Just sharing stuff here occasionally and more longform content on gemini://

today in boring code that might make your $dayjob less annoying:

sync csvs to google sheets. I could not find this online anywhere for the life of me so I wrote a quick script. almost every tech job I've worked at needed a script like this at one point.

this fzf launcher is becoming my "terminal IDE", with many utilities such as using ripgrep to find things in files and opening them, etc. similar to functionality you see in doomemacs/spacemacs but without the emacs.

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the fzf launcher I created is doing a bit of multi-stage bash metaprogramming. this is handy because you can generate commands that get saved in your bash history. in this case it finds the line with fzf, and then outputs the less command that jumps to this line into your command prompt:

less +15985 ~/docs/stripe-v72.txt # type Product

Then you can use ctrl-r to jump to previous docs you've looked up!

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I was tired of using using the online, slow godocs, so I leveraged fzf as a quick and dirty offline documentation viewer:

the state of URL parsers across platforms is laughably bad. just try sending a gemini link to anyone over signal or text. so far I've only seen it linkify properly on iOS. apparently http(s) is the only protocol that exists.

Does anyone remember Mimblewimble?

I feel like I haven't even heard that word in 2 years.

It is sad that β€˜algorithm’ no longer has the broad meaning from maths and computer sciencr, and instead now means β€˜social media marketing tracker program’

Before the Zim Kingston cargo ship caught on fire, it lost a hundred of containers. Refrigerators are now littering the local beaches.

tired of leaving the home row for {} () [], common programming symbols. here's an idea for mapping these in vim insert mode to alt+hjkl:

imap <A-j> {
imap <A-k> }
imap <A-b> [
imap <A-n> ]
imap <A-h> (
imap <A-l> )

To those who are saying I should have made a separate account for the whole COVID or vaccine topics, keep in mind Twitter did not merely ban my account: they banned my person, including all accounts I make either prior to or in the future.

Having a separate account would not have changed anything.

vlang looks cool and I am impressed by their sane design choices + C interop + use of tcc and focus on compile times. might have to try this.

Imagine how valuable this is to advertisers: when they can literally know exactly where your eyes are tracking and how long you are looking at advertisements. Pretty obvious what facebook's gameplan is here.

metaverse to me will always mean the evolution of interoperable protocols and formats toward the goal of shared virtual spaces not owned by any single entity, much like the internet. facebook thinks they can co-opt the term. "we're the metaverse now". yeah ok.

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