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pretty amazing timing, my linode server seems to be down for the first time ever and I can't get into my account because it's trying to email me a login code. oh boy.

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β€œβ€¦One might say a DKIM signature is in a similar moral space as the β€œsuper cookies” that some providers put into web connections. It is a tracking thing that is put without the user’s consent into their email that can be used for identification later without their knowledge. Worse, it’s not merely a cookie that’s a constant, it’s a content-specific digital signature. Shock horror.” β€”Jon Callas, one of the original authors of the DKIM RFC

why do we innovate http (http/2 http/3) but not email? could use an overhaul.

if you work on the lightning network you will never be able to spell lighting ever again

protip: you can say "siri remind me about this tomorrow" when looking at emails, text messages, websites, calendar events, etc.

tinycc is so fast, I don't need to do "make clean" on my 20,000 line C game engine. it compiles the whole thing in 300ms. It takes gcc 4 seconds.

@jb55 VPS has access to encryption keys stored in RAM, too, which are never at rest.

wondering why I pay for a VPS for, I have a static IP and server at home... I might do this actually. less external dependencies.

Procedurally generated levels, turn based gameplay, permadeath.

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If the user would enter it for an inoculated virus, perhaps this is worth the risk of them entering it into a computer in the first place before their money is stolen by a real one.

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Random idea: educational malware. Have it get you to enter your bitcoin seed, and then it educates you why this is a bad idea after it does so successfully. Malware vaccine?

nix fixes this by allowing you to cache your deps in distributed binary substitutes instead of relying on external package repos. although I could probably cache my deps in circleci somehow. pulling down your deps from the internet for each push is fragile af.

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