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I've been trying to wrap my head around fiber bundles, this is an amazing playlist for learning topology and manifolds:

I'm being slightly facetious but come on, it seems pretty clear it was designed by some galaxy brained mathematicians. the math is too good, how could it not be!?

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learning about symmetries of the universe and how the equations work out so nicely shows just how dumb the naive approach of real numbers, euclidean space and f=ma is. the design of the universe is much smarter and sophisticated. gj whoever made this simulation.

OH: "I asked my professor if he knew any string theorists. He said no I'm only friends with physicists"

I guess the only downside to this was when I had to press thumbs up 600 times on a transaction with 600 outputs πŸ˜…

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so satisfying to press a physical thumbs down button when you're not happy with the bitcoin transaction you're about to sign.

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the amount of times my trezor has stopped me from doing stupid things when sending bitcoin transactions is amazing. having a physical device that tells you you're stupid when you're about to accidently send thousands of dollars to the wrong place is pretty nice.

hmmm it got slow near the end, I should have done -assumevalid=<tipblockhash>

protip for optimized trusted sync from a local node when using -connect=<localip>

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took about a day to sync the entire bitcoin blockchain from a full node on my local network to a pruned node on my laptop (p2p ftw!). I wanted to use bitcoin-qt on my laptop since its the best wallet, especially when it comes to coin selection and creating psbts for offline keys.

@billiam @moth_ball
OpenVAERS, as of 2021-08-20 has 13,627 deaths. There is a Yale study which shows VAERS is under-reported on the order of 90% or 136,270 deaths. Let's say that's off by 50% so 68,000+ dead from the cure?

Not having this data in an officially transparent format is itself a condemnation of the whole program. If you can't determine the severity, or even the scope of harm you are doing, there's no real way to measure safety or efficacy.

long, epic space opera dreams are the best. mine just ended with a massive borg-like fractal mothership covered in pirate-like cannons, intercepting our interstellar ark. before that it was a long adventure on a planet surface. damn that was cool.

he said if I get the test it wouldn't tell me if I'm immune and doesn't tell you the strength of the immunity. ok...

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just got off a call with a doctor in vancouver and they said they wouldn't recommend an antibody test and that I definitely wouldn't have immunity if I caught covid in january 2020. is this true? where's the data on this?

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