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When I start eating shitty foods it spikes very high, and when I'm drinking alchohol it swings up and down and I feel shittier in general.

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after almost 14 days with this thing on, I find one thing really interesting: How shitty/tired I feel seems highly correlated with high blood sugar. When fasting it stays super even at around 5/90 and I feel great.

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ribosomes compile physical machines that do the work of the cell. interesting. I guess they are more like 3d printers than compilers.

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not thinking about something simple as the game of life, but something will cell identity.

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fun idea for a computer simulation of life: can you create an algorithm where you start from a single cell, have each cell divide and differentiate until you have an "organism"/body that does something useful as a whole. I'm sure this has been done somewhere?

There are probably many more interesting computer science analogies here, especially when it comes to the epigenome... need to study this more.

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ah so ribosomes are compilers?

DNA -> source code
RNA -> intermediate representation?
proteins -> machine code

40C/100+F is fun because it's like a game of finding the next location with AC before you pass out from heat stroke

vancouver status: sitting next to a 12000 BTU AC and still sweating

average blocktimes are increasing... next difficulty adjustment looking to happen on the 4th now at this rate...

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If you took all of the DNA in your body and stretched it out, it would go to Jupiter and back 10+ times. Every cell in your body stores 2 meters of DNA. The amount of physical compression to make this work is mind blowing.

once we add more tracepoints, we could eventually enable the functionality of @lopp's statoshi[1] to anyone running a bitcoin node.


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what's nice is that anyone can write programs that attach to these tracepoints to do something interesting. perhaps you want to create a web app that display all your node p2p messages in realtime, you can do that once this PR is merged!

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only these two traces are needed, the p2p ebpf program hooks into these at runtime. these are a no-op when no ebpf program is connected. zero overhead + unlimited utility. amazing.

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still blown away by @0xb10c's p2p ebpf tool for bitcoin-core. detailed node introspection with only a few traces added to the codebase 🀯

here's a fun one:

<blocks.tsv awk '(NR-1) % 2016 == 0 { print $0 }' > difficulty_periods.tsv

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