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Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club will dive into User-Space, Statically Defined Tracing (USDT).

Our host @0xb10c opens the door to peeking into runtime internals of Bitcoin Core at statically defined tracepoints.

Come discuss and learn; notes and questions are up!

That felt like a one-time thing to me not sure if i should bother...

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going to be offline for 3+ days. should I put in some mid-30k limit buys or are we good

if only there was an open protocol that made this less complicated...

etransfers seem to be backlogged right now... been waiting for 10 minutes or so, usually it's within a minute. west coast canadian bitcoiners are waking up to buy the dip.

this uses WKD so it should pull the right key without needing any keyservers

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revoked all my previous gpg keys, switching to ed25519/curve25519 keys stored on a yubikey5.

you can pull my new keys via:

gpg --locate-key [email protected]

props to @rcasatta and @_JustinMoon_ for getting the core rpc backend rolling for bdk:

rust is becoming an amazing dev ecosystem for building bitcoin projects...

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btcmerchant will be able to use your bitcoin core node directly (picture of me working on this here). it has descriptor wallet support, so you can accept payments directly into your hardware wallet. it already is integrated with clightning as well, lnd soon.

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if I didn't have a gf with a type A personality to remind me to do things like pay my taxes or respond to jury duty I'd probably be in jail by now.

awesome post by zeeman on why bitcoin is a kind of universal clock that is deeply tied to physics (via entropy)

"existence of a proof-of-work is a proof that time has passed"

Thinking about this crazy bullrun 18 weeks ago. Still amazed we even got here. I remember feeling like an idiot buying the top at 17k not too long ago... a drop to 40k is whatever at this point. Bring it to 20k. Let's haze the noobs.

Mainly focused on designing a really nice library and dev api so you can integrate bitcoin merchant stuff into your site. I enjoy the Stripe api so much I just want an experience like that for Bitcoin. Stealing a lot of ideas from them πŸ˜…

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getting there. spent most of today working on this. got sse waitinvoice working. building a demo checkout page now.

might be fun to build a spark-like l1/l2 wallet using it.

I'm calling it btcmerchant. The goal is is: self-hosted "Stripe for Bitcoin".

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