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I wanted to see if UMAP could cluster radial velocity in the HARPS data without including the radial velocity in the training set. I'm not sure what the other parameters even mean and I had no motivation for doing this other than to see what would happen. look kinda cool at least

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getting drunk, downloading astronomy data sets and hitting that shit with UMAP to see what happens


git config --global sendemail.cccmd git-contacts

git-contacts finds relevant people to cc from git-blame and git trailers. It will determine the right people to CC on each individual patch!

git email code review is much more collaborative and decentralized.

"The beauty [of the Dirac equation] boils down to the properties of spinor representations of the Lorentz group. [..] In other words, you should comprehensively learn and analyze the theory of representations of Lie groups and Lie algebras."

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After learning about the Dirac equation I now understand what Wigner meant by "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences"

fzf has become some kind of universal interface for me. my `f` alias is a fzf command launcher which launches other fzf commands. also made it similar to bash's ctrl-r so there is a history of executed commands.

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switched my imap server to only listen over wireguard. no point exposing such things to the internet. no longer need to worry about password brute force attempts. can disable tls and forget about certs as well. much nicer.

my node monitors my cold-store addresses in watch-only mode. so if someone breaks in there is nothing to steal. not only can you be your own bank, but you can be more secure than them as well. especially with multisig setups.

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I love when my computer at home running a bitcoin node sends me an email when I receive money. still mind blowing to me.

earth actually might have been flat(ish) at an early point in its development. It may explain why the earth and moon are of such different composition

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