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been hearing good things about this moment map thing for generating symmetry transformations in the Hamiltonian formalism instead of the Lagrangian and Noether's Theorem.

"The momentum map generalizes the classical notions of linear and angular momentum".

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deep diving into representation theory for quantum mechanics. Interesting post by woit: "Quantum Theory is Representation Theory"

the problem with classes is that you're creating a "global" scope across N functions, when you really should keep scopes restricted to single functions for maximum flexibility and composability. I haven't used a class in like 10+ years. the pretty much always turn my code into a flaming pile of crap.

#Tusky has been removed from the PlayStore by Google

> Oil companies in Russia flare an estimated 25 billion cubic meters of gas every year

25bn m3 gas --> 257 Twh
Bitcoin uses 78 Twh

So bitcoin uses less than 1/3 as much energy as literally burning off gas at the wellhead. Bet you see that in Bloomberg.

@jb55 I refuse to run DKIM. Non-repudiability is not a feature. :-/

gemini doc notetaking is an interesting idea. going to try it. I really dislike markdown's inline links, breaks the flow of reading. raw gmi is super easy to read/write and is publish-ready.

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One last melancholic look at room77 before it's cleared out. Farewell, and thanks for all the shrimp cocktails!

To Blockchain eternity, to freedom of transaction, and beyond! βš‘πŸš€

Looks like Feynman mentions this in "The Character of Physical Law"[1]:

"But the motion to keep the planet going in a straight line has no known reason. The reason why things coast for ever has never been found out. The law of inertia has no known origin."


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Men will literally launch their own social media platform instead of joining the fediverse

this started as: "I wonder if I can simulate electromagnetism with maxwell's equations as a way to visualize the equations I'm looking at on wikipedia" turns out there's a whole field called computational electromagnetism:

although it's pretty hard to google this stuff.

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learning physics so I can simulate the universe in my computer. getting bored of just munging json every day.

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