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looking at this I had the thought:

"what if gravity was an emergent property of space somehow due to the reduced degrees of freedom from massive objects taking up more information on a holographic plate in a given region"

after googling I found this: looks like there are similar ideas

I am not a physicist so it's cool to see that my thoughts might not be completely crazy.

I had to write all the code before I could convince myself that I could solve every problem, then I wrote the paper.

Learning that people suffering from the storm and blackout in Texas were using the guide in our book Recipes for Disaster to build a rocketstove with which to heat food and water, we've put the directions online here in their entirety:

Please circulate.

lol someone already paid this. that was fast. thanks for the 10 sats :P

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it's nice that you can post a bolt11 on the fediverse unlike twitter


this patch adds a clightning nixos module:

I should probably get around to upstreaming it into nixpkgs...

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ohh just noticed that nix-bitcoin has clightning plugins packaged. here's how I added it to my clightning nixos module config:

what if black holes are a leap of faith to get to the next level

Most annoying thing about mastodon is not being able search through my old toots. At least with my node I will be able to grep them.

xoring the bit indices to determine the exact location of the parity error just might be the most elegant algorithm I have ever seen

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I’ve stubbornly never got my license because I was never interested in driving. But now at 32 with a fam I’m starting to regret it. To practice I’m building an open wheel sim (osw) direct drive simulator using a mige motor and a bunch of electronics (simucube, ion pro) because why not.

Owning now is like owning a share of the entire internet in the 1990s

The shares can not be diluted.
You don't need to be an accredited investor to own it.
No one can stop you from owning and/or moving it.

Still the best value proposition in human history.

hmm never been to the Bitcoin conference I guess I’ll go to this one

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