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People aren’t just showing up and leaving. Maybe this is actually happening this time? It feels different for me personally. The big tech fascists struck a nerve.

This week I learned how CRUCIAL fiber optic cables are to the free and open internet. With fiber optic it’s possible for anyone to run high-traffic websites out of their home.

$ webfinger () {
curl -sL "https://$(cut [email protected] -f2 <<<$1)/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:$1"

$ webfinger [email protected]
$ curl -sL -H 'Accept: application/activity+json'

webfinger your friends and probe their endpoints

I wonder if I could do crossposting with bitlbee-{twitter,mastodon} in a single merged buffer somehow.

most protocols don't need a blockchain but hashcash is still really useful for dealing with spam. sad it's not used more.

my son just pasted my clipboard contents into the bitcoin core dev channel. I did not consider this in my threat models.

@alex @moth @lain there is literally no upside to a blockchain-based network other than uncensorability.

bitcoinhackers web ui doesn’t seem to work for me occasionally but the API seems to work fine. Using tootle on iOS and bitlbee on desktop.

I find it amazing that they haven't ever set up a POTUS micro-blogging website (you know, like anyone can do on the e Web), from which they sync the administration's posts to the respective birdsite and facebork accounts.. Granted, facebork doesn't even support that anymore, but I'm sure it would've been easy to make an exception for the API in that case.

Even dumber: people seem to think that's impossible, and that a couple of corporations should control this information in the first place.

Domain name seizure is the next attack vector 

I haven’t seen a good solution. I’m thinking something “simple”: lookup pubkey in DHT which resolves to an ip. This ip resolves to server that is a simple key/value store. Signed updates.

Can use this to pull structured data like DNS records for a public key. Noise protocol for secure connection. Local dns resolver that talks this protocol. Need to get pubkeys out of band somehow.

Hopefully this isn’t needed anytime soon but who knows these days.

you wanted to go on Twitter because of Trump? why the hell would you do that when you come come to the Fediverse and look at all the great characters we have here, like, uh, that guy who likes linux.. and the trans programmer... and who could forget the reliable bot that reposts Ian Miles Cheong?
In the long run this is good for the Internet.

The next Bitcoin scaling or privacy war will be against Google, Apple, Twitter, Square, Facebook all working in concert with the US government. Good luck full node operators

F*** Twitter and F*** Square while they have that moron in charge. Meanwhile this stays up because y'know let's get behind Uighur detainment camps

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