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Honestly if you think Jack Dorsey is a long term supporter of censorship resistant money at this stage I don't know what to tell you...

I’m glad when the tyrannical tech giants censor because it just highlights the need of the work we’re doing on the Fediverse. I feel confident that we’re building the future.

So China continues the imprisonment of Julian #Assange ? I mean Russia ... sorry. The USA.

I’m just happy people are getting back to building apps on instead of proprietary platforms.

I suspect one day there will be clients that can crosspost to , , twitter, web, , and perhaps future metaverse protocols. It will be much more decentralized and the internet will be better for it.

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The planetary iOS app is really coming along. Much better than .

I haven’t done much secure scuttlebutt stuff but I do like the offline aspect of it, and it’s cryptographic identities. Lots of use cases for this protocol.

Follow me there: @ijgF1qKEbe2Fo9gqbZ6OUXD/WABw0EQY+ifyF7PMj5s=.ed25519

I find myself logging out of github these days. the homescreen and notifications are distracting.

Reminder to use PeerTube or at the very least YouTube Vanced cause Google is horrible and deserves nothing

slightly less minimal but has exit code. what more do you need? export PS1='\n$(printf "%3.*s" $? $?)> '

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On the Fediverse 

I think about the statement of humans tend to be of a tribalistic nature. They tend to want to be around minds that think alike. While that statment is true to some degree, I tend to think we choose to be like this.

We choose to be only around people who are of the same political ideology; the same religion; the same favorite movie; the same favorite video game. We even do this when it comes to things we can't change about ourselves. We choose to be only around people who are of the same skin color; the same gender; the same sexual orientation.

What people choose to do is beyond my control. But consider the following: Perhaps, the fediverse is an opportunity to understand that we as humans are interconnected. Even when we don't think that our littlest actions will matter in the near future, they will affect others in the long term.

Charles Darwin, who taught us about survival of the fittest, also reminded us that those who have learned how to cooperate most effectively have prevailed. As such, we should work to be more cooperative than to be tribalistic. We should be building more bridges than walls. This is the only way we can survive as the fediverse and become a better alternative to the closed gardens of Facebook and Twitter.

when you get a switch for Christmas instead of a Switch.

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Bitcoin is not the radical thing.

The radical thing is governments being able to trivially seize your money, or inflate it away with no defense.

Bitcoin Optech's annual year-in-review:

Covers taproot, tapscript, schnorr, DLCs, LN large channels, LN dual/interactive funding, LN blinded paths, exfiltration resistant signing, payjoin, PTLCs, BIP85 keychains, vaults, tx origin privacy improvements, SAS, coinswap, compact block filters, various attacks and weaknesses, wabisabi, wtxid tx relay, signet, anchor outputs, faster sig verification, COPA, generic signmessage, musig2, v2 addr, LN Pool, LN offers, and more.

this is a nice little paper that uses debruijn sequences to build a minimal perfect hash for individual bit indices

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