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@jb55 Right, first it was and splitting off, now has added his hat into the ring, with another fork proposal. So there will be three different going. And it looks like they won't enable replay protection, which means exchanges won't want to touch it, among other things. Its been hilarious to watch.

I haven't been following the BCH clownshow but apparently they're hard forking again already? Who would have guessed that.

I've created @bitcoinmerges!
this bot will send a toot every time something is merged into the bitcoin core github repository, similar to Pierre Rochard's bitcoinmerges on birdsite

it finished syncing
took somewhat longer than expected because it had to restart from scratch on nbd instead of a sd card (which is buggy at the moment), but it got there without further issues that's neat

Worked on LNvis a bit more tonight, a lightning networking visualizer. Here I'm playing with different ways of visualizing single and dual channels between nodes:

Think I'm going to use this account for all bitcoin/lightning related content instead of a mixing it in with functional programming / other dev stuff.

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