not sure why my gopher http proxy isn't working on mobile so here's the txt:

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Oh, interesting. My chrome on Android works when I'm not on my pi hole network. That leads me to suspect it's trying to phone home some telemetry on start-up.

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'finally my data is safe now that tiktok has been banned!!', i exclaim, before going back to browsing facebook on my android phone

@htimsxela and yet they promote 0 conf transactions for accepting payments 🤦

@tomasino probably not a big deal though since there will be clients that handle both at the same time...

@tomasino I definitely like the idea of choice of protocol depending on complexity levels of taste, although it's a shame that content gets fragmented.

@tomasino astrobiology, client certs, various encryption protocols, identity, etc are neat but I fear that it's super overkill to force encryption latency/complexity on the entire geminiverse of mostly static markdown-like files. I guess gopher is just more my jam, maybe I'll just write a client that renders markdown when it detects it 😅

Not to mention that the noise-protocol would be a strictly better choice here (less roundtrips), but unfortunately TLS is baked into the core protocol so you're stuck with it. I doubt Mercury will catch on but it would be my ideal "markdown gopher" protocol.

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gemini wastes time by adding a non-trivial amount of TLS latency to each request, most of the time this is completely unnecessary.

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looks like a lot of replies to this post on the geminiverse were against this proposal. I guess I'll be sticking with gopher for now.

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Not sure I'm a fan of mandatory TLS in gemini, what about mercury? gemini://

@tomasino @solderpunk ohhh now I want to rewrite my gopher hole in gemini. great presentation!

I transcribed the section where we talked about Gopher and put it in my gopher hole:

replace https:// with gopher:// to view it there :)

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@lukedashjr have you looked into Web Key Directory? I thought it was a bit confusing so I just host a file on my site for now.

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