read bips in plaintext:

bip () { curl -s gopher://$(printf "%04d" $1).txt | less }

$ bip 42

if git was created in 2015 by a millennial it would have been called commit-chain, launched with an ICO crowdsale. "Distributed code revision technology". It probably has the same consensus properties as most shitcoins.

I'm guessing twitter locked my account because I tweeted @otsproofbot ? oooo I'm so evil.

@Fk I hate centralized exchanges as well, why this over something like @bisq_network ?

Just did my first in-person trade where I signed a Bitcoin tx at home and sent it to my phone. I then connected to my full node over zerotier, my full node is connected to the network via Tor.

I was able to use @samourai_official to broadcast the transaction to my full node during the trade, worked flawlessly. Bonus that my full node watches my trezor accounts, and sends me an encrypted email on wallet activity, so I could see that it worked right away.

That was cool.

Please, use anything else than Medium to blog about things.

@sgtbobbyshaftoe I have both, just doing this for people who use keybase

Number theory is full of stuff like this, as the old saying goes "the only branch of mathematics where you can explain the problem to a 8 year old child but the greatest mathematician on earth can't solve it" (or something like that)

@Seccour 👋 I check in occasionally but it seems pretty dead

@stevenroose this is untrue, I've been a part of the Haskell community for 10 years and it is quite active, and has lots if smart developers who care about software correctness.

@stevenroose it's possible, but I personally wouldn't run dotnet code on my server so I needed an alternative anyways.

At the start of the month I set out to build a lightning network Patreon alternative. After working a few weekends and holidays I finally have something working. Can't wait to upend the cartels and gatekeepers.

(Sargon of Akkad has been removed from Patreon)

Stop using politically controlled social media, stop using politically controlled payment networks.

here's what you need to add to your nixos config to run spruned+clightning

going to add a bitcoind module next

nice, got spruned and clightning working as nixos modules

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