I suspect there is a common unspoken suffering amongst rust developers

@3np it's his projects, he can do anything he wants with it. github punishing him just because their business buddies were slightly inconvenienced by a joke, from a software project they are using for free. I wouldn't trust hosting my projects there if they can cancel someone for something like this.

I'm getting a lot of use out of this script I put together that finds the most common lines of code in your codebase matching a regex.

vim example:

:r!findex Icon


import CardIcon from 'components/Card/CardIcon.js'
import SaveIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Save'
... etc


@0xb10c I have it kinda working but Rust is such a pita I'm still deciding if I want to spend any more time on it. I'm considering just using (0-dependency) nodejs at this point.

follow me on nostr.com :


read about the nostr protocol here here:


Interesting discussion on the Peter Wang/Lex Fridman podcast: what would the subjective experience be of an individual in a borg-like hivemind. youtu.be/X0-SXS6zdEQ?t=4694

Are you even a sovereign individual if you can't cut your own hair anon

Do zoomers get confused when they buy a printer in 2021 and it comes with a driver cdrom.

@waxwing @kalle wouldn't the logic be: "oh hey we supported taproot by implementing bech32m", then they simply decode the payload (valid checksum): "oh look 32 bytes, this must be a p2wsh output", and they go ahead and create one of those?

@waxwing Unless they decode it and then ignore the version and hardcode it to 0. Wow... I can totally see an engineer doing that.

@waxwing how would this not affect checksum? Couldn't this be considered a single-char change?

@kai not really, the only hope of portable binaries are ones that make zero assumptions about what is available in the runtime environment (aka no dynamic linkage, go does this well). Even when i use appimage-run on nixos it still complains about missing dynamic libraries.

I like what Linus had to say about it here youtu.be/Pzl1B7nB9Kc

Ah I thought it was closed source but found the repo, going to see if I can package this for nixos. It looks like it's electron though so it will probably be painful... bleh.

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