TIL I have aphantasia. I can't visualize this red square in my mind's eye no matter how hard I try. I just get blackness. People can actually do this?

The fact that the spike protein was potentially dangerous and turned out safe "by accident" is a bit concerning. youtu.be/bU63lsHA0y0?t=1966

Another idea is programming the firmware directly within python. From what I could tell this doesn't exist. How cool would it be to create a DSL+compiler for creating arduino firmware within python? I wonder how hard it would be to code this up...

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Theres a protocol/firmware called firmata which can be programmed from python which looks pretty neat: github.com/firmata/protocol

It has to be connected to a host computer which is a downside, but might be fine for a learning environment.

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I'm helping design a coding curriculum at steamoji. I'm thinking about just using python the whole way through. We have a large physical computing component with arduino so I am looking at fun ways to use python with arduinos...

I dont use dropbox or syncthing anymore, syncing between git repos over wireguard works well enough for everything i care about.

`git push desktop HEAD:laptop` is all you need. desktop can ff or rebase to stay in sync. you don't need central bare repos to sync git nodes!

every time elon tweets about doge it pumps the price, increasing incentives for miners to spin up new machines. if he really cared about PoW energy use he would sell all of his doge and bitcoin.

that rare moment when your 4yo leaves you the f alone and is playing by themselves quietly. NOBODY MOVE OR MAKE A SOUND.

fun real-world side-effect code to add to your programs. might be fun to surprise or annoy your coworkers/users. found this in nethack. the game changes if there's a full moon irl.

somewhat concerned that I've got into the habit of writing small bash scripts that query and modify csv files using sed/awk instead of using a database... but then again it's so adorable.

Imagine being fortunate enough to pick up some cheap sats at 55k three years before the next supply shock.

everyone already thinks in bits instead of sats if the next target is twice the market cap of gold. 1 bit would be 1 dollar and 1 sat would be 1 cent, finneys would be a dime. bits are useful for counting 100s of sats. sat maxis are insufferable, who only prices things in cents?

Group theory, abstraction, and the 196,883-dimensional monster youtu.be/mH0oCDa74tE

Amazing 3blue1brown video on Group theory

todotxt is nice because the format is so trivial, you don't even need a tool to manipulate it. it's a simple plaintext file where each task is on each line. unlike orgmode where you're forced to use emacs.

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@N8r well ya, it only needs to double the market cap of gold to get there which isn't that crazy to think about.

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