I prefer writing recursive descent parsers, even though you lose the ability to stop and resume parsing. The solution? Save and restore your callstacks! (ie: coroutines)

libtask looks interesting: swtch.com/libtask/

its also really neat to get execution traces from C/C++/rust programs. I can see all the codepaths that were taken and what values were passed around. might be useful for stuff πŸ€”

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just realized i could use my wasm interpreter for mutation testing by randomly changing the behavior of if statements, etc. πŸ€”

my partner's vaccinated friends just informed her that that they no longer want us over because I'm not vaccinated 🀣 because that makes sense

@dansup They have changed my life. I lose my keys so often now I don't have to think about where they are at all

I can execute a C program to the end but something is getting messed up in the memory somewhere. debugging this isn't fun.

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you know your wasm virtual machine hacking session is getting serious when you break out the triple column layout

shoutout to this happy little C program I wrote that calculates rational numbers on the command line:


infinite precision sums 😎

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when you're too lazy to use excel so you write a bash and sed script to maintain a csv fileπŸ˜…

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can't imagine putting my money in a bank "savings" account when I can put it into the hardest fuck you money in human history

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it's dads stackin sats with 10% of their pay forever laura. FOREVER.

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AIs manipulating pixels is cool but I would love to see what they could do with access to vulkan apis

good morning to everyone except those who say grand rising

gcc already inlined all the functions I wanted to inline. I guess it's pretty good at this.

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