Biden is dropping bombs on Syria again.

Nature is healing.

if you feel weak during a chinup remember that you are beating the force of the entire earth pulling against you.

Great answer to "Is there something about Bitcoin that prevents us from implementing the same privacy protocols of Monero and Zcash?" by sipa

sad that a Bitcoin tx with 0 outputs is invalid. would be nice to donate dust to miners this way.

quantized inertia would imply a very small but non-zero photon mass. It implies GR is wrong at larger scales but gets rid of the need for dark matter and energy. I can see why it is controversial.

Interesting post on photon mass from baez:

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external signer support merged into bitcoin! Makes it easier for your bitcoin node to sign bitcoin transactions with hardware wallets. going to test this with HWI next chance I get. would be cool to get it working with trezorctl directly as well.

In this script I use `lessr`, which is a simple wrapper script that turns less into a document reader that saves the previous location in the file using marks:

handy for reading and coming back to long articles, plaintext converted epub books, etc.

I recently upstreamed a patch to less that automatically saves the last position mark so you don't have to create them manually.

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`w3m -dump` and `less` makes reading articles on the web infinitely more bearable.

I have a cmdtree[1] launcher command like so: `xclip -o | xargs urxvtc -e plainweb`[2]

so I just yank the url and execute that

[2] plainweb:

> Finland college is free
> If you get a PhD they give you an honorary sword

This is how you motivate people.

After some googling I'm somewhat amazed that there is no fundamental explanation for what causes inertia. models inertia as unruh radiation but it doesn't fit into existing theories yet (like QED), not to mention unruh radiation is theoretical as well.

@orionwl @harding @k3tan Zerotier was convenient but wireguard is so trivial to configure: copy small pubkey strings to each machine. the configuration isn’t that big of a deal compared to the latency and security improvements. Wireguard is wayyy more reliable and just works instantly. I always had weird connection issues with zerotier.

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