mfw bypassing wifi hotspot login screens by funnelling all traffic over wireguard via unfiltered dns ports

if only there was an open protocol that made this less complicated...

btcmerchant will be able to use your bitcoin core node directly (picture of me working on this here). it has descriptor wallet support, so you can accept payments directly into your hardware wallet. it already is integrated with clightning as well, lnd soon.

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Thinking about this crazy bullrun 18 weeks ago. Still amazed we even got here. I remember feeling like an idiot buying the top at 17k not too long ago... a drop to 40k is whatever at this point. Bring it to 20k. Let's haze the noobs.

TIL I have aphantasia. I can't visualize this red square in my mind's eye no matter how hard I try. I just get blackness. People can actually do this?

Theres a protocol/firmware called firmata which can be programmed from python which looks pretty neat:

It has to be connected to a host computer which is a downside, but might be fine for a learning environment.

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fun real-world side-effect code to add to your programs. might be fun to surprise or annoy your coworkers/users. found this in nethack. the game changes if there's a full moon irl.

todotxt is nice because the format is so trivial, you don't even need a tool to manipulate it. it's a simple plaintext file where each task is on each line. unlike orgmode where you're forced to use emacs.

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