fun C graphics engine thingie I just implemented: when compiling a shader, uniforms get automagically mapped to structs via "lenses". These hold struct field names, offsets and type. I then loop through the lenses, pull out the data, and call the right glUniform func (via type).

imagine if you could submit a pull request to two repos at the same time to gather feedback on a patch. what amazing technology could enable this?

look what happens when you try to censor someone off the internet. #1 best seller on amazon right now.

this is the way, like we need some centralized organization to certify a *bitcoin* mime type πŸ™„

Authors who submitted papers without supplying data were almost always rejected:

"among those 41 manuscripts, 21 were withdrawn without providing raw data, indicating that requiring raw data drove away more than half of the manuscripts."


Started reading Klaus Schwab's COVID-19: The Great Reset out of pure curiousity. So far it is actually a pretty interesting read on interconnected risk, and predicts a lot of stuff that is happening.

are people really willing to take booster shots every 6-12 months to maintain their freedom? QR code, face tracking and social credit scores for every interaction in society? Is this the world we want for our children?Why are people accepting this with open arms? wtf is happening

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you can't use Python to code Arduino microcontrollers directly, but playing with a toy Python->C transpiler with local type inference as a part of a "learning Arduino" section of a Python course for kids.

I wonder if I could make this not suck enough to actually use...

Playing with a plaintext renderer for my metaverse protocol. Input: DOM-like room description. Output: natural language description that you can interrogate text-adventure style. Still need to work on interactivity at the protocol level, but this is a fun experiement.

googling big pharma was quite the experience. surely nothing bought and paid for here. πŸ˜†

you know your wasm virtual machine hacking session is getting serious when you break out the triple column layout

shoutout to this happy little C program I wrote that calculates rational numbers on the command line:

infinite precision sums 😎

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