I'm getting a lot of use out of this script I put together that finds the most common lines of code in your codebase matching a regex.

vim example:

:r!findex Icon


import CardIcon from 'components/Card/CardIcon.js'
import SaveIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Save'
... etc


I always thought "streaming sats" was mostly gimmicky marketing but here I am streaming sats directly to the lightning nodes of a podcast I'm listening to in realtime on my phone. It uses keysend and it's just metadata in their rss feed. How is this not the future.

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Finally got the shakepay card (canada's version of Fold). It's interesting that it's linked to your trading account, so you can store your money as bitcoin and instantly convert back to inferior money when you need to transact. Plus you get cashback and other rewards. Very cool.

I'm pretty surprised people even noticed this. the lightning network is still young.

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not using webpack. just creating hundreds of pure functions in different files that all get loaded into the global environment, like a madman.

super impressed by the fountain podcasting app. you can stream sats for every minute you listen. great way to support the podcasts you listen to.

throw an airtag on your kid and get alerts when you leave them behind. Being a terrible parent has never been easier!

made a few UI changes to , a native timeblocking calendar app with vi-keys written in C that I have been working on for far too long.

making small changes to this cairo-based calendar app is sooo much easier than dealing with the web stack. The entire program is a 2000-line C file :P


to be fair this is also what I'm like after most c++ coding sessions

looks like the fedwiki format is pretty trivial and is easy to map to gemtext. I have a quick and dirty gemini fedwiki interface workingish.

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making a small stand in my city's subreddit, getting downvoted into oblivion. apparently this is controversial.

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