@jb55 I think there are several reasons why one would want to not use github, and several security discussions from the linked incident... But what's the connection?

@3np it's his projects, he can do anything he wants with it. github punishing him just because their business buddies were slightly inconvenienced by a joke, from a software project they are using for free. I wouldn't trust hosting my projects there if they can cancel someone for something like this.

@jb55 I get you. But OTOH, its Githubs site, can't they do what they want with it? If you want to maintain control over distribution channels, self-hosting (or contracting with terms aligning with your expectations) are the only ways.

Similar dynamics as in the Fediverse, really.

"Don't use Github" (and npm) is part of it, I guess - defaulting to self-hosted or at least smaller providers prevents them from being a central authority.
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