sphinx.chat made so many bizarre design decisions: can only use it over a tor connection to an lnd node. Only appimage is available on linux (which doesn't even work on nixos) So much for for open protocols and interoperability?


as far as I can tell it's simply not made for linux nerds who run clightning, I guess I'm ok with that. It looks cool and I hope I can try it one day.

Ah I thought it was closed source but found the repo, going to see if I can package this for nixos. It looks like it's electron though so it will probably be painful... bleh.

@jb55 would it be possible to write some sort of appimage compatibility layer for nixos?

@kai not really, the only hope of portable binaries are ones that make zero assumptions about what is available in the runtime environment (aka no dynamic linkage, go does this well). Even when i use appimage-run on nixos it still complains about missing dynamic libraries.

I like what Linus had to say about it here youtu.be/Pzl1B7nB9Kc

@jb55 thanks, I actually do mean to go back and watch this at some point 😅

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