attempting to keysend 17000 lightning nodes 1 satoshi. wish me luck.


pretty easy to send everyone on the lightning network 1 satoshi:

$ lightning-cli listnodes | jq -r '.nodes[].nodeid' > nodes.txt

$ echo 'lightning-cli keysend "$1" 1sat | jq -c .' > dosend && chmod +x ./dosend

$ <nodes.txt parallel ./dosend | tee res.json

I'm pretty surprised people even noticed this. the lightning network is still young.

@0xb10c @jb55 wow i actually got it too (seeing "Spontaneous incoming payment through keysend" under "listinvoices"), thank u !!!

@jb55 "Tell me you're a whale without telling me you're a whale" ? "The difference between the rich and the really rich, lightning edition" ?

@hermanskledar 1 sat average fee, paid about 8000+ sats in fees on top of 8000 sats sent.

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