fun idea: mars simulation, 20 minute delay for all communications from my laptop to the outside world. -call script that syncs packets every 20 minutes.


what changes would you need to make to make this workflow productive on mars? you might need a small sandboxed virtual machine on earthside that can execute programs designed for retrieval of information on the internet. once all of your queries are finished, it would bundle them up with nncp-bundle and blast them back to mars.

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for now I have a nncp handler on earthside that executes any shell commands, once they are done executing it sends the command result back to mars. I have a "earth-ytdl" which runs youtube-dl on earthside and returns the file with nncp-file. the command result is returned via nncp-exec, it's response handler pops open a new urxvt bash window with the stdout and command name. pretty cool!

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