I'm not on twitter anymore: twitter.com/jb55 I'm doing less social media in general. Just sharing stuff here occasionally and more longform content on gemini://jb55.com


I'm officially detached from all major tech companies. No facebook, insta, google, twitter. Everything self hosted (email, calendar, notes). I plan on self hosting my activitypub node in the future as well once I get around to finishing that code. cya corporate web!

@jb55 if you don’t mind me asking. How are you self hosting your email? I have a last generation Synology NAS that has an email server but idk if that’s an optimal solution. I have been wanting to do this for a while now.

@max_1337 i run something similar to gitlab.com/simple-nixos-mailse on a VPS, super simple to configure and run, but requires knowledge of nixos.

@bitcoinmechanic google docs? I've never used it. I write most of my docs in markdown or gemtext.

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