noone has explained to me the moral case for why people with previous infections and natural immunity should be segregated from society. why is this continually ignored? I'm in this category and I'm being treated as subhuman in my country. I am segregated starting tomorrow.

The media and government keeps spreading misinformation that i am putting people at risk. Can literally *anyone* explain how I am doing that? Especially considering natural immunity has been shown to be more robust than vaccine induced immunity?

I consider myself a pretty reasonable person and would get vaccinated if I believed I was causing deathly harm to those around me. I have not seen the evidence to support this. Maybe instead of the patronizing "Just " someone could answer this simple questIon.

they are not used to answer...especially on this instance.
Personally, I have just been banned for having posted the picture above

@vb_greak non free speech instances is a non starter for me. I'm happy if close minded people want to block me though. Usually those people aren't interested in reality anyways.

@jb55 The answer is out there if you feel like Googling it

@bethibeth @jujube when I google it I see papers showing natural immunity is stronger, and that vaccinated people shed virus just the same as unvaccinated. So there is no justification to segregate unvaccinated. I see people calling people "plague rats". pretty disgusting and ignorant.

@jb55 @jujube
Many think that the COVID is deadly and still tout it to everybody around them.....'s as wrong as the ones who believe in the flat earth.
🔘Hereafter, U will see that global number of death since 80'(in France)
🔘In US, the stat is to come 1 year later: available for the 2022 midterms.
🔸Do U think it could be analysed by some (hope not by most) as a moral betrayal?
🔸Could it be a kind of nuke for the 2022 midterms?


BUT it was supposedly be beyond 100,000 deaths....
I was a reader of the NYT, Reuters and AP, but since March I have not opened the app once.
I am disgusted...and a bit afraid
etc etc etc.......

@jb55 as a physician, this is most perplexing to me. I understand the argument that on a population level it’s easier to jab than document…

In the US, they can’t force you to take a vaccine per se, but employers can require you to present proof of immunity…who sets the standards for proof will have to be settled in court.

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