it's pretty clear the best way to take down a country is not with bombs, but with propaganda. Turn citizens against each other, make them afraid and hysterical, and it will tear itself apart. Attacking directly only unites citizens against the enemy, which is counterproductive.

@jb55 er I meant the actual book not necessarily just the article reviewing it lol

@kai someone linked me this as well. was interesting to see this is how KGB agents are trained to think:

@jb55 Haha, well there's a lot here. The movement away from family and friends to professional social work and therapy, nepotism and the general inaccessibility of high profile media jobs, and the consolidation of power by unions are reported in my liberal circles as real problems.

Dismantling systematically oppressive systems is going to be an inherently destabilizing process, but I don't think that's a compelling justification for conservative politics.

Read Peter Pomerantsev. It's all meat.

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