I can't keep my pinephone alive long enough to do anything useful with it. perhaps I need to switch out the OS or something...


sxmo is dope. dwm + dmenu + suckless programs. Installing was simple as dd'ing the image to an sdcard and restarting the phone!

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I should try running a pruned bitcoind on the phone at the same time πŸ€”. bank and payment processor in your pocket πŸ˜†

lagrange client running on /#pinephone 😎. never thought I'd be using a tiling window manager on my phone but here we are. it aint bad!

@jb55 yeah cLN even compiles in termux with some patch, i had done that back then, but the power drain was enormous, if LN and a full bitcoind runs 24/7 on the phone.
The bandwide and storage we have now easy with 5G to fast sync to height but the power drain is still a mess, unless u have a wireless charge pack or a solar charger always around you.
A setup where u sync permanent by wifi e @Home bares also some heat problems, and lets not forget is an ever remote exploitable phone by design

@jb55 although as long as you use a coldcard or similar for PSBT and/or verifying that the correct chain/LN files are still on ur phone, it's really a full bank and merchant on the fly setup..

I wonder if a pinephone is more suited to that task, i remember, i had my setup brought to a conf and that made my balls really uncomfortable hot ...

:bitcoin: :coldcard: πŸš€ :lambo: :opendime:

Why isn't Lagrange full screen there, when you don't have anything else open?

@dheadshot i eventually got it fullscreen, was just a weird state of the tiling window manager at the time. You can scale the UI of lagrange as well so it works great.

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