In my government mandated Canadian quarantine hotel. You have to arrange food orders to your room like a prisoner. What a stark contrast coming from miami. I need to get out of this hellhole.

@jb55 Yessir. I came over the land border to avoid this. Now I'm supposed to self isolate at home for 14 days.

People say Austin. I think in a few weeks I will take my family there and audition it as a place to live.

@bitcoinmechanic @jb55 yep. I never thought Canada would turn into this but here we are.

@jb55 you definitely seem culturally american lol

You write software so you should be able to make more money in the states

@kai yeah I'm definitely more american than canadian culturally. I would live there if I could, my partner strongly disagrees so here we are.

@jb55 I am probably more culturally canadian 😂

but seeing how the virus has been handled, I'm having second thoughts!

@jb55 what is happening to you isn't normal. You are being mind fucked. Get the fuck out of there.

@jb55 Some people just walk out and send their ticket to The government will have to prove their case in court. Probably not constitutional. Many people report their ticket being dropped as soon as they signal they'll fight it.

@jb55 Also, check out these guys from Calgary fighting the good fight against those concentration camps :

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