I don't think introvertedness is a permanent thing. I was extremely introverted for 20 years or so, but my extroverted partner opened me up a lot. As someone who used to get exhausted by social settings, but not as much anymore, it made me think of this analogy:

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Its like trying to lift heavy weights when you've never lifted before. You quickly get exhausted or give up right away, or find it's just impossible. You have to work on it little by little to build that social muscle so that the lifting is easier, more fluid, and less exhausting

albeit this is much harder to train than lifting since you can just do that by yourself, you have to be forced into social situations again and again (extroverted partner was key here)

@jb55 if one would have said to me when i was 42, u once will sit at a Hooters, chil and witness my smartest friend catch a tel number from a Hooters Girl, while we all know that's impossible, but then both happened, live is strange until it gets stranger and then before u grasp, it's easy like a charm. I guess the problem is that we can not relate to most of our environment, most are so different, so it takes time to find our rare species we can align to and then feel at home on this planet

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