thinking about booking 2 covid tests for the inevitable PCR false positive

@jb55 don’t they abduct you in Canada when you turn positive? Anyhow, since January 20, false positives have been set lower. And no, I’m not joking.

@drgo yes i had to book a mandatory 3-night $1200 hotel when i get back, and 14 day isolation if i test positive. What do you mean false positives have been set lower?

@jb55 I mean literally that: the interpretation criteria for positive and negative has been set to lower sensitivity, higher specificity. This is how we do it in medicine:

@drgo @jb55 this is the WHO guidance that lowers the false alarm level…this guidance superseded the guidance from December 2020. It was promoted as a new brief item to get more attention on 20 January 2021, but the guidance is from the 13th of January.

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