sometimes I think the over-INT{P,J}ness of bitcoin twitter is its downfall. The council thing is a pure PR move to make bitcoin more digestible for brainlets. I highly doubt saylor is a "bad actor" considering how much skin he has in the game.

@jb55 But conversely, us fighting it is necessary to make sure it stays that way.

@pete @jb55

I'm getting d茅j脿 vu.

Seems we had similar concerns in December 2020. I think this might be the same playbook (still hard to read what the reality is).

Peter, your sentiments are similar to those of @giacomozucco at the time. 馃槈

I apologize for the fractured nature of this linked post but my twitter ban makes it harder to follow.

Personally I'm betting on the Trojan horse scenario (against bureaucrats).

@georgevaccaro @pete @jb55 Not just at the time. We don't call out bad takes by influential people because we think they are necessarily going to turn into real threats. We do it because they are bad takes. That's why they don't turn into real threats more often.

@georgevaccaro @pete @jb55 Also, I can't understand what kind of "downfall" may Bitcoin Twitter ever even face. Like, one billionaire guy stops following us on Twitter? So what? Not much of a "downfall". Acceptable risk.

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