working on a cool rust bitcoin project. don't want to hype it up too much yet though. let's just say it's motivated by the fact I don't want to run dotnet on my servers.


getting there. spent most of today working on this. got sse waitinvoice working. building a demo checkout page now.

might be fun to build a spark-like l1/l2 wallet using it.

I'm calling it btcmerchant. The goal is is: self-hosted "Stripe for Bitcoin".

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Mainly focused on designing a really nice library and dev api so you can integrate bitcoin merchant stuff into your site. I enjoy the Stripe api so much I just want an experience like that for Bitcoin. Stealing a lot of ideas from them πŸ˜…

btcmerchant will be able to use your bitcoin core node directly (picture of me working on this here). it has descriptor wallet support, so you can accept payments directly into your hardware wallet. it already is integrated with clightning as well, lnd soon.

props to @rcasatta and @_JustinMoon_ for getting the core rpc backend rolling for bdk:

rust is becoming an amazing dev ecosystem for building bitcoin projects...

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