optimized day today. <3 my timeblocking app. I would be hopeless without it.

@stevenroose just a visual way for me to organize my time in a day. Its hard to stay on track if i cant look at the tasks and how long they might take, in relation to other events like meetings, etc.

The tool allows me to move around tasks easily with vim bindings so i dont waste much moving calendar events around in relation to adjacent ones.

@jb55 But are you saying thar you are programming by scheduling time for every method you're going to implement?

@stevenroose I can get pretty granular if I know I need to do things in a specific order and I don't want to forget that order. sometimes i have like five 10-15 minute timeblocks in a row if I know the exact order of things I want to do.

sometimes I have three 1-hour timeblocks if I have a rough idea. I've noticed I'm more effective with smaller timeblocks that describe exactly what to do in detail. then the day becomes automatic and stress-free.

it's just a visual todo list in some sense.


@stevenroose if you have a clear calendar you can get away with just using a todo list, but timeblocking is nice when you have other responsibilities during the day and you want to organize your todos around those.

one example is let's say I have 5 subtasks needed for a feature that I want to get done before I have to leave. I can scale each subtask proportionally to get an idea of how much time I should spend on each, to make sure I am able to get everything done in time.

@jb55 @stevenroose wow! i have a short todo list but tbh each day is pretty spontaneous depending on interactions, colleague feedback, and what clicks. i try to do things when inspiration strikes because it often doesn't return if it's scheduled later, though that requires an empty-ish calendar. i try to keep it empty (and pay whatever price it takes for that and freedom in general)

@jon @stevenroose I've only worked at startups for the past 10 years with really small teams so I've been forced into this workflow out of necessity. This one I'm working with right now is sub 10 people, I'm sole developer and I'm building backend, frontends, ios app. 100s of tasks in the backlog with really tight deadlines. it's a continuous time-management bootcamp. creative/no-deadline coding is definitely more chill and I do that in my spare time for fun.

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