working on a cool rust bitcoin project. don't want to hype it up too much yet though. let's just say it's motivated by the fact I don't want to run dotnet on my servers.

getting there. spent most of today working on this. got sse waitinvoice working. building a demo checkout page now.

might be fun to build a spark-like l1/l2 wallet using it.

I'm calling it btcmerchant. The goal is is: self-hosted "Stripe for Bitcoin".

Mainly focused on designing a really nice library and dev api so you can integrate bitcoin merchant stuff into your site. I enjoy the Stripe api so much I just want an experience like that for Bitcoin. Stealing a lot of ideas from them 😅

> I don't want to run dotnet (on my servers)

There's a rather popular (and useful) project ... but it runs on dotnet, so I won't run it.

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