wanted a simple replacement for Keep that my partner could share notes and todos with me.

quite impressed with Joplin. I have it syncing notes and todos via webdav+wireguard on all of our devices (linux/mac/android/ios). works great!

@jb55 Wait how does the setup work then? Is the machine unauthenticated because it is pubkey-addressable? Like a Tor onion service? (I don't know what WireGuard does, but maybe it does something like this?)

@stevenroose this is an nginx server on my home network, not public accessible. It listens on wireguard and home network interface, so I can sync from home or on the go. I have a local dns server which resolves to my local ip, remotely it resolves to the wireguard ip.

@stevenroose wireguard is noise protocol + pinned curve25519 keys for IP. Way better than tor

@jb55 Have you gotten multiple joplin databases working? I.e. to keep the shared notes separate from each of your personal notes. Last time I checked it didn't really have good support for that.

@kekcoin ah no haven’t tried that, I don’t use Joplin for personal notes

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