quantum computers are similar to ai risk in the Bitcoin space. Huge consequences but no one knows if it will ever be possible to build a quantum computer large enough for it to become a real concern. At least we can upgrade Bitcoin if it becomes a concern but it will be a very volatile period of hard forks, locked funds, people moving to new post-quantum utxos, huge sell offs. Would be a good time for noobs to get in again if Bitcoin ends up surviving it all.

@jb55 the energy to error correct is a big barrier to be a real threat in my view mining with that energy will be always morr profitable than to break one key, if it hold not to much coins.

@jb55 I think QCs would only cause a major upheaval to Bitcoin if they reached threatening numbers of qbits very quickly. If it's a long, slow slog to QCs being able to threaten 128-bit EC security, then we should have plenty of time to work through the issues without fracturing the economic base.

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