@LadyAnarki many instances use this to block whole instances. it's like big tech deplatforming but worse.

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@LadyAnarki so anyone who uses this blocklist for their community won't see any toots from us.

@jb55 Seems like there's some fun groups in that list lol

@kekcoin @LadyAnarki worse in the sense it creates more echo chambers, fediverse as a whole is better of course in the long run

@jb55 @LadyAnarki Hmm, I don't see the creation of echo chambers as a problem per se - as long as people create their own echo chambers rather than them being imposed.

@jb55 @kekcoin @LadyAnarki I wouldn't say it's worse even in that respect, since people on Twitter would tend to only follow those they agree with and block those they don't anyway, creating echo chambers within the platform. We basically have the same thing here, but without the possibility that you get removed from the whole platform.

@alan8325 @kekcoin @LadyAnarki it's just harder to navigate when you are first getting oriented to the fediverse. its like what war faction am I joining and will I be able to talk to my friends on other instances.

@jb55 @alan8325 @LadyAnarki To be fair, having multiple accounts is an option, a lot of apps even support it.

@alan8325 @jb55 @LadyAnarki That last part is key. And hey, blocking entire communities at a time can be useful too! Some instances are very spammy and I'm glad I can just filter out entire swathes of bot accounts in one go.

@kekcoin @jb55 @LadyAnarki And a public block list run by communists, like FediBlock, could have the Streisand effect of giving the politically opposed a convenient list of instances to look for friends in.

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