a decentralized cloudflare will be hard. I don't have any good ideas.

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maybe we need to change our perspective on things, switch to content-addressability vs location (See ICN[1]). Then any switch could be a potential CDN.


What's cool with this setup: you can say "give me a bitcoin block with this hash". And any node on your network could potentially answer this without having to even leave your network.

This could be a part of the network stack itself. How neat would that be?

@jb55 I don't have enough experience w/ it, but can't IPFS and Swarm be able to do something like this?

@blockchainman the point of a CDN is low first-byte latency depending on where you are in the world. p2p solutions usually aren't optimized for this.

@jb55 it's not extremely hard to build your own dns server...therefore it's already decentralized.

@pj a CDN is more than a DNS server. it's having servers in local proximity to people requesting your content.

@pj only thing that comes to mind is peercdn but haven't tried it...

@jb55 @pj Perhaps there's some way to incentivize people to run local server clusters that serve the area in a decentralized network.

@jb55 @pj People running Lighting nodes are already keeping a server online. Maybe there's some overlap there.

@alan8325 @jb55 @pj Perhaps like a mesh network where nodes are incentivized like lightning network nodes when they relay of data?

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Or just conveniently integrating LN, perhaps packaged with a BTCPay server, so that one could run a small local CDN that an e-commerce provider could pay via LN to cache with.

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Anyone running these micro CDNs could register with a website where e-commerce providers could check to see which areas are available they'd like to have CDN service in and pay those CDNs with LN.

@PaulTroon @jb55 @pj Could be a good way to get incoming LN liquidity if you have a decent ISP service.

@weedcoder tor is terrible for latency, the point of a CDN is to reduce latency.

@jb55 it's a matter of just storing the bits, no matter where or how, just as long as they can be reassembled. All the nodes would have the appropriate means to request the parts it needs

@jb55 content-addressability is neat, i've read some interesting papers on it a few years ago, i guess the difficult thing is how to bootstrap it on top of the current internet architecture, without needing cooperation from every ISP (because that would take forever)

@orionwl @jb55 Isn't that pretty much what IPFS is? Even Cloudflare themselves are experimenting with that:

@orionwl @jb55 Looking at their website again, it's actually kind of cringey how they tell you that *they* will validate the hashes for you, so you don't have to do anything. Just lean back, don't run a node, don't verify. :)

IPFS does look kind of interesting, i'[ve heard of it a few times but never looked deeply into it

do you know of any FOSS projects, linux distros, etc that (also) host their websites, downloads there?

i guess for most intents and purposes torrents already fill the 'distributed file distribution' niche

@raucao @jb55

@orionwl @raucao @jb55 Nevermind, I misread. I might have something related to the CDN part for y'all soon(tm) though ...

@jb55 i belive urbit's network stack works this way already

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