not going to crosspost to twitter. all my posts will be here from now on.

I uninstalled the twitter app and I feel like my mental health has improved already

@jb55 I moved icons to another page on mobile device. I accidentally clicked a couple times out of habit. I want to insure my activity is not counted in their DAU/MAU and let Wall Street tear them apart next quarter. Next step is deleting the apps altogether. I've already deleted many seldom used big tech company apps. I will purge my data before the final app delete.

@Clashicly I've been preparing myself for years. I self host my calendar/email. I'm 99% all in bitcoin. cutting instagram next.

@jb55 never had an app, just the browser, same for fediverse

@jb55 good! Screw Twitter anyway. I only miss Crypto Cobain lol Kobie cracks me up.

@jb55 bold. But understandable. I probably should do the same. I only am on Twitter for Bitcoin these days anyway, so I might try that too.

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