"Penalties for breaking the stay-at-home order could include up to a year in jail, according to Solicitor General Sylvia Jones."

what a joke

@jb55 It's not funny but probably Putin is laughing at the whole North America right now pretty hard :D And I would never say it before, but right now Russia looks like free country compared to NA.

@jb55 so we expect that in only 2 more weeks, there will be no COVID in Ontario, right?

@slackeri386 funny thing is it will probably just go away like all viruses due to seasonality. then they will pat themselves on the back and declare themselves heroes.

@slackeri386 then more lockdowns every season forever. yay facism.

@jb55 A year in jail seems guaranteed to spread more covid. What fucktards.

@jb55 so which bureaucrats get to decide what is considered ‘essential’? Seems like that would ultimately be pretty arbitrary

@jb55 I believe the only advantage living in third-world countries like here in Brazil is that the govt doesn't have enough resources to do something like that

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