AWS took down parler because of a group within amazon called "Amazon Employees For Climate Justice"


So anyone using AWS is at risk of being deplatformed by an unaccountable group of employees who might not like you for political reasons. They are probably against Bitcoin as well because of “energy usage”. Good luck running a Bitcoin businesses on AWS.

@jb55 that is the truth. Either tow the line or get deplatformed

@jb55 too many people failed to take decentralisation and censorship resistance seriously — even in the crypto space. This wake up call will hopefully change behaviour.

@jb55 totally irresponsible to give them less than 2 days notice. 30 days should have been the right thing to do. A business owner has the right to refuse service. But if already engaged in reoccurring service that is critical to operations, reasonable time should be given for the client to migrate.

@Clashicly @jb55 Can you just get a shop out of your commercial building in 2 days? I don't think so! Oh, no, that is what the mafia does!!!

@BTCgiftshop @jb55 Takes us weeks to prep and coordinate a single database server migration for minimal production impact. I can't imagine a lift and shift unless your devops already had a site recovery playbook in place.

@hanakookie @Clashicly of course it is, doesn't mean I would want to do business with a company that does that going forward.

@jb55 @Clashicly the rules have been redefined. If you are a private business. The rules are different. Why did they make a baker make a wedding cake for a gay couple. But it’s ok to ban The President and cut off his banking ties.

@hanakookie @jb55 My point is if you accepted reoccuring business from a client, you have an obligation not to cause them harm if you want to sever ties. AWS just put Parler's feet in concrete and threw off a boat. They should have let them off at the next train stop.

@jb55 Best if people don't run Bitcoin stuff on cloud providers anyway.

@jb55 Leave AWS, he can take all your Bitcoin in 1 second.

@jb55 big opportunity for some bitcoiner creating a cloud provider with redundant data centers in multiple friendly jurisdictions, and providing cloud services anonymously with bitcoin payments.
Just be sure not to trust it either!

@jb55 Agree, what assurance one could have with a company that operates on political whims

@jb55 Every conservative will be doxed, in the lefty hope that your employer will fire you.

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AWS American Welding Society
AWS Advanced Warning System
AWS Automatic Weather Station
AWS Advanced Wireless Services
AWS Asynchronous Web Services
AWS Ascom Wireless Solutions (various locations)
AWS Alien Workshop (skateboard company)
AWS Association of Women Surgeons (est. 1981)

AWS Alarm Will Sound (band)
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@MindMining amazon web services. it's what most companies use to host their websites.

@jb55 bank buildings, and all the people in it wasting oxygen, also spend a lot of energy. Imagine a world without the waste of banks. The gaming community also ‘wastes’ a lot of energy. If one doesn’t concentrate on the actual purpose of the energy or they don’t make use of it, one can have the n00b or boomer opinion that new stuff done with energy is waste.... This is sad, but some people just don’t want to learn or listen to the problem it solves spending the energy.

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