People aren’t just showing up and leaving. Maybe this is actually happening this time? It feels different for me personally. The big tech fascists struck a nerve.

@jb55 as someone who came and left the first time: i don't plan on ever going back

@jb55 nah even last time it had a solid few days. We have to see how it plays out

@stephanlivera @jb55

if i was a content producer, i'd be even more wary now of depending on yt, fb, and the birdsite for reaching my audience...closed platform dependence yay

@stephanlivera @jb55

no doubt it will come at some point to github too, beyond american ofac restrictions

platforms are geopolitically sensitive vulns

@jon @jb55 It's probably a matter of time before we get cancelled from those platforms. But while we're still allowed there, might as well use them!

@stephanlivera @jb55

for a content producer: use but not depend on

for a regular user: not sure there's much point in using a closed platform and giving it your data

@jon @jb55 how realistic is that though? whether you're a content producer or a regular user, you want to be where the action is.

All we can do is encourage people to join us over here. But there's not a realistic way to reach large audiences without those platforms (for now).

@jon and most content producers are not viable without that audience and size

@jon I agree, it is! that's just the reality for many people

@stephanlivera @jon yup this is why I believe syndication to as many platforms as possible is fine. You can’t force people to join your preferred platform. There will probably be many protocols in the future anyways so you might as well blast to all of them, and engage in discussions on each one.

@jb55 any platform needs content, and now when there is a fresh audience to gain / group of people to discuss - it's actually getting competitive. And these people are already filtered in some strange way that I really appreciate :)

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