aws is giving Parler the boot... wow

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@jb55 I鈥檒l remember their spine when their sales folks call me to migrate massive cloud deployments over there. There are probably as many people they are offending as those they try to appease. Best action is to not bow to pressure that has nothing to do with core business.

@jb55 Trump - and the Republican Party's - biggest mistake may very well prove to not enforce neutrality on large hosting providers.

The Section 230 reform that had been proposed by the Justice Department would have mostly done that (no, it wasn't going to get rid of 230 like a lot of people wanted you to believe).

@jb55 The fact is censorship resistant tech only exists with the approval of government. It doesn't take that much approval. But if you consistently take the view that you need _none_ you'll find out otherwise the hard way.

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