At the start of the month I set out to build a lightning network Patreon alternative. After working a few weekends and holidays I finally have something working. Can't wait to upend the cartels and gatekeepers.

@jb55 Would it be possible to mend #BTCPayServer to support "Patreon mode"?

@stevenroose it's possible, but I personally wouldn't run dotnet code on my server so I needed an alternative anyways.

@jb55 Fair enough. What language are you working with now?

@jb55 lol. Not exactly the best language to gain some developer contributions :|


@stevenroose this is untrue, I've been a part of the Haskell community for 10 years and it is quite active, and has lots if smart developers who care about software correctness.

@jb55 Hmm. Just that I personally haven't seen many big open-source project that are in #Haskell. I think the only ones I could name would be nixos and xmonad.

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