maybe I should get around to figuring out why I have a balance discrepancy between trezor and my full node. perhaps I didn't derive+import all the correct addresses... I wish it was easier to import bip44/49 wallets, right now I have to use a script...


Gap limits is the only other way it can go wrong that I know (apart from the ones you already mentioned, which are more likely: derive, import).

(Unconfirmed funds is a minor one, rarely relevant.)

@waxwing yeah I derived out to thousands of keys on each chain to be sure, probably just missed something...


Presumably you know about the need to rescan after import, right?


@waxwing If I remember correctly, I had an unconfirmed tx (during the fee spike months) that locked up some outputs. I eventually double spent it but it I think my wallet was confused or something. could be remembering incorrectly, I should try again.

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