Donald E. Knuth did it!

"The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5" is out!

the lkml workflows mailing list is super interesting for those interested in decentralized development workflows: mailto:[email protected]?body=subscribe%20workflows

twitter is blocked at my house during the day but I've found a loophole...

Merged PR from jb55: rpcwallet: default include_watchonly to true for watchonly wallets

am I suspended from Twitter again or are they just having issues...

Instance admins will always have to moderate their users to maintain healthy relationships with other instances. If enough of your users say unpopular things, your instance might get banned by others. For me the freedom to say whatever I want without worrying about getting silenced/banned by instance politics of the day is important enough for me to eventually run my own instance.Gab isn't really my jam,since it's mostly red politics which isn't that interesting to me. Distribute all the things!

admins tone policing me to "be nice or else" to a developer who hardcodes censorship into their app can f right off. nothing makes me livid more than this.

all I said was "maybe you should try not hardcoding censorship into your app and it might get better reviews" apparently this is harrassment. stay away from

At least I know bitcoiners actually care about free speech. All it takes is one asshole admin though. Running my own node is up next once the software isn't terrible.

the admin of my previous instance just tried to silence me for giving criticism to the tusky app. One thing I do like about this protocol is freedom to move around, unfortunately you have to rebuild followers each time.

read bips in plaintext:

bip () { curl -s gopher://$(printf "%04d" $1).txt | less }

$ bip 42

if git was created in 2015 by a millennial it would have been called commit-chain, launched with an ICO crowdsale. "Distributed code revision technology". It probably has the same consensus properties as most shitcoins.

I'm guessing twitter locked my account because I tweeted @otsproofbot ? oooo I'm so evil.

Just did my first in-person trade where I signed a Bitcoin tx at home and sent it to my phone. I then connected to my full node over zerotier, my full node is connected to the network via Tor.

I was able to use @samourai_official to broadcast the transaction to my full node during the trade, worked flawlessly. Bonus that my full node watches my trezor accounts, and sends me an encrypted email on wallet activity, so I could see that it worked right away.

That was cool.

Please, use anything else than Medium to blog about things.

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