I suspect there is a common unspoken suffering amongst rust developers

I'm getting a lot of use out of this script I put together that finds the most common lines of code in your codebase matching a regex.

vim example:

:r!findex Icon


import CardIcon from 'components/Card/CardIcon.js'
import SaveIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Save'
... etc


follow me on nostr.com :


read about the nostr protocol here here:


Interesting discussion on the Peter Wang/Lex Fridman podcast: what would the subjective experience be of an individual in a borg-like hivemind. youtu.be/X0-SXS6zdEQ?t=4694

Are you even a sovereign individual if you can't cut your own hair anon

Do zoomers get confused when they buy a printer in 2021 and it comes with a driver cdrom.

Ah I thought it was closed source but found the repo, going to see if I can package this for nixos. It looks like it's electron though so it will probably be painful... bleh.

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as far as I can tell it's simply not made for linux nerds who run clightning, I guess I'm ok with that. It looks cool and I hope I can try it one day.

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sphinx.chat made so many bizarre design decisions: can only use it over a tor connection to an lnd node. Only appimage is available on linux (which doesn't even work on nixos) So much for for open protocols and interoperability?

super impressed with what noagenda has built with their community. completely decentralized: rss + their own rss podcast index and spec for lightning integration, fediverse social nodes, bitcoin+lightning nodes (value for value), IRC for live show chat. They are a model for everyone building internet communities outside of the censored and sanitized corporate platforms.

I always thought "streaming sats" was mostly gimmicky marketing but here I am streaming sats directly to the lightning nodes of a podcast I'm listening to in realtime on my phone. It uses keysend and it's just metadata in their rss feed. How is this not the future.

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highly recommend this mad science youtube channel where he creates explosive chemicals in his garage. I mean the channel is called "Explosions&Fire" so you can't really go wrong.


The implications of this are ridiculous and interesting: youtube.com/watch?v=e0elNU0iOM

I didn't know about it and it blew my mind today 🤯

Finally got the shakepay card (canada's version of Fold). It's interesting that it's linked to your trading account, so you can store your money as bitcoin and instantly convert back to inferior money when you need to transact. Plus you get cashback and other rewards. Very cool.

I'm pretty surprised people even noticed this. the lightning network is still young.

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