super impressed by the fountain podcasting app. you can stream sats for every minute you listen. great way to support the podcasts you listen to.

throw an airtag on your kid and get alerts when you leave them behind. Being a terrible parent has never been easier!

I don't have a peertube instance yet but here's a quick demo of an rss feed reader I hacked together with fzf+jq

Missed this great interview with Saylor on Brian Keating's podcast: "The Physics of Bitcoin"

Saylor never gets old.

I wish I could send an instance-only message. Does pleroma have that feature?

I've been enjoying the read-only aspect of lately. Just people giving their longform opinions and writing about interesting stuff. No replies, short jabs and arguments back and forth to score tribal points. When there are replies to controversial posts, they are at least longer, more polite and well articulated. I think there's an opportunity for a longform twitter alternative, maybe powered by ActivityPub.

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opened up birdsite for the first time in a month and it was people just fightning, arguing, and still rattling on about covid and vaccines. It's all so tiresome. Maybe one day I'll return once everyone chills the fuck out, but it's just been peaceful without it, so maybe not.

I've been in a scripting mood lately so here's one that pulls rss feeds with fzf+xq (a part of the yq package, which is just an xml wrapper for jq)

curl -sL "$1" |
xq -rc '[] | [.title,(.link // .enclosure."@url")] | @tsv' |
fzf |
cut -d $'\t' -f2 |
xargs xdg-open

I've been using to find podcasts and adding feeds to my terminal launcher thingie:

curl+jq+fzf is all you need for building terminal UIs!

simple script to pull your fedi timeline:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -eou pipefail


curl -sL -H "Authorization: Bearer $FEDI_TOKEN" "$FEDI_ENDPOINT/api/v1/timelines/$timeline" |
jq -r '.[] | [.account.username, .content] | @tsv' |
sed 's,<[^>]*>,,g' |
column -t -s $'\t' |
sed 's,$,\n,g' |

for node projects you could do:

export PATH=$(npm bin):$PATH

that way you can use project-local node dev dependencies right away without having to use a runner like npx.

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I guess another benefit is that $PWD will always resolve to the project's root directory. so your scripts will always work no matter what project subdirectory you are in.

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A cute hack I started adding to my .envrc files:

export PATH=$PWD/scripts:$PATH

Adds project-local scripts to your path when cd'ing into a project directory. example commands I'm currently using:

- `logs` command for tailing cloudwatch logs
- `sql` scripts for dumping csv reports of various kinds

nice UX for project-specific dev scripts. sure they could have just typed ./scripts/logs, but who has time for that. plus direnv can setup deps and api keys.


A 2D programming language based off of conveyor belts...

I just switched to some pretty crazy roguelike movement keys: instead of hjkl-yubn, I have sdfe-jkli.

s:←, d:↙, f:↑, e:β†–
j:↓, k:β†˜, l:β†’, i:β†—

This allows you to do any movement without leaving the home row, movement is with both hands for ergonomics, and fingers are minimally overworked.

made a few UI changes to , a native timeblocking calendar app with vi-keys written in C that I have been working on for far too long.

making small changes to this cairo-based calendar app is sooo much easier than dealing with the web stack. The entire program is a 2000-line C file :P

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