collecting fediverse messages is useful for my next step which is collection building (outbox, followers, etc). It’s also interesting to see the behaviour of other nodes. For example whenever I mention @jb55 i noticed many nodes webfingering my node immediately. Also random delete actor messages when nodes delete an account (that I can not verify since the pubKey is gone , uhh)

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so my chibipub endpoint is running: @jb55 I can receive messages there, just can't send yet. feel free to send some messages :)

I kind of like that my self hosted emails get classified as spam by gmail all the time for the sin of not being from a big email provider. it's kind of like banned fedi in that respect.

Here's the project I"m talking about:

It's a cellular automata, like Conway's Life, but restricted to wires; someone designed this programmable computer in it; I'm porting my old Flash app to vanilla JS to run it.

The thing is, there's many different ways to program this. So I could make a video or live stream session for each one.

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The soon-to-erupt volcano here in Iceland has a technical name: Sundhnjúkagígaröð in Þráinsskjaldarhraun

This is ACTUALLY what comes up in Google Translate for that...

@kyle "If you can't fix it, you don't own it!." I applaud Purism for posting this. Moar companies need to do stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!


looks like my less patch is included in v572+ so the latest release v580 will include it:

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After thinking about it I realized there are some implicit things that are very important: when I say small function I also imply pure functions. If you have a bunch of small functions that modify global (side effect) then you’re going to have a bad time. Maybe worth capturing these nuances in some writing. Basically programming bliss = composing programs out of small pure functions that snap together via their types. This is why Haskell is so much fun and reliable.

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after programming for so long I don’t even know if I could write anything interesting about it. I feel like it would be boring: “all you need is functions and plain ol data, everything else is noise”. This really is the essence of programming. What more is there to say? Keep your functions small? minimize function domain? Separate side effects from pure code? Maybe worth writing some notes and see where it goes.

can’t stop thinking about anyons. I’m afraid I’m going too far down the physics rabbit hole and might get stuck there for awhile. the idea that there are more interesting configurations of matter that we don’t see in nature is extremely fascinating.

@alex @crisp yes, despite paying for their service they replaced all of our images with that one saying we were using 'basic service' violating TOS

so we moved to bitmitigate yesterday

nginx is great but the config language is pure torture

ugh I'm so dumb. RSA_verify takes a hash of the message being signed instead of the message itself. of course. derp. works now! chibipub can verify fediverse messages. yay.

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