using ofono/phonesim on linux I was able to use my desktop dbx286s+sm57 mic setup on my phone over bluetooth. pretty neat:

estimating the taproot activation date using qalculate. awesome cli calculator, I highly recommend.

Who needs a new xbox... just invested in the world's first molecular gaming console

mfw bypassing wifi hotspot login screens by funnelling all traffic over wireguard via unfiltered dns ports

Managed to not get covid in miami. no vaccine, no masks, much partying. Apparently immune systems work.

dark mode maximalists are odd, like do you never go outside??

In my government mandated Canadian quarantine hotel. You have to arrange food orders to your room like a prisoner. What a stark contrast coming from miami. I need to get out of this hellhole.

back to work we'll see if i have any working braincells left

I don't have the vaccine. I was sweating and dancing at many parties for about a week, very close to other people.I was crammed like a sardine can at a strip club for hours. I didn't wear a mask anywhere. I did 3 pcr test, 1 before 2 after miami. All negative. Natural immunity πŸ’ͺ

.@kanzure convinced me to get a Oxford Nanopore MinION. might be fun to do a deep dive into DNA hacking/analysis from a software engineer's perspective.

sending bitcoin to the moon is cool but when bitcoin conference on the moon

A few devs are are in agreement that we need a yacht party next time

turned off autocorect, you don't really need it. majes you weak.

Favourite miami beer so far is the veza sur mangolandia event was cool. some damn smart people there. Talked to at least 3 bitcoin haskellers, they exist! Hacked on sapio and i almost understand op_ctv now. Didn't realize so many people are working on advanced smart contract constructions on top of bitcoin...

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