imagine if you could submit a pull request to two repos at the same time to gather feedback on a patch. what amazing technology could enable this?

TIL Dirac once said: "God is a mathematician of a very high order, and He used very advanced mathematics in constructing the universe"

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If we implemented mastery learning "everyone would be fluent in quantum physics before they left highschool"

Trying to understand this in context of gauge theory: the structure group becomes a Lie group (group of continuous symmetry transformations). Not sure what the base/total space would be here yet but it's at least starting to make a bit of sense. I'm just a bit dizzy πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

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so if i understand this right, fiber bundles are products of spaces, think line Γ— circle = cylinder, but this is trivial because it's easy to map points on the line to the circle. non-trivial fiber bundles have additional structure such as the mobius strip which is "twisted".

My ritualistic web article cleansing process:

1. convert to plaintext
w3m -dump url >

2. remove extraneous cruft:

3. convert to epub for sharing:
pandoc -o article.epub

pretty sad that Signal's "note to self" feature has become the most reliable interdevice data transfer protocol. I would use airdrop instead of it worked reliably on linux.

interesting that the folder was introduced into computing to help humans understand digital file organization as an analogy, but now noone uses physical folders anymore.

"Good job on standing today!" I swear this watch is fucking with me.

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$600 apple watch: here's a reminder to breathe. wow thanks guy.

bitcoin is an anchor to reality. This reality is shared by all of its participants and is enforced by physical law. this is incredibly powerful in a world where people can't seem to agree on anything.

look what happens when you try to censor someone off the internet. #1 best seller on amazon right now.

I consider myself a pretty reasonable person and would get vaccinated if I believed I was causing deathly harm to those around me. I have not seen the evidence to support this. Maybe instead of the patronizing "Just " someone could answer this simple questIon.

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The media and government keeps spreading misinformation that i am putting people at risk. Can literally *anyone* explain how I am doing that? Especially considering natural immunity has been shown to be more robust than vaccine induced immunity?

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noone has explained to me the moral case for why people with previous infections and natural immunity should be segregated from society. why is this continually ignored? I'm in this category and I'm being treated as subhuman in my country. I am segregated starting tomorrow.

it's pretty clear the best way to take down a country is not with bombs, but with propaganda. Turn citizens against each other, make them afraid and hysterical, and it will tear itself apart. Attacking directly only unites citizens against the enemy, which is counterproductive.

Remember when people believed everything on snopes was 100% factual. Like you could just link it to someone to win an argument. Ah the good ol days.

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