#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @MicroSFF - Toot-sized microfiction, tiny stories

🌟 @owncast - Free open source self-hostable alternative to Amazon's Twitch (and now also testing Fediverse support)

🌟 @tilvids - PeerTube instance featuring entertaining/educational video creators

🌟 @LadyIcepaw - Artist, webcomic creator and game designer

🌟 @eyeling - Artist, illustrator and posts nice photos too

🌟 @conservancy - Non-profit organisation promoting libre software

this is just my way of adding deniability to the fact I'm dumb as a bag of rocks

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being wrong online is the fastest way to learn things. people correct you with passion. people worried about looking smart are losing out.

Donald Trump's new social media page "Truth Social" is just a Mastodon instance, I can see it at a glance:

#trump #truthsocial

I was banned and my comments were deleted. lol what a circlejerk.

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making a small stand in my city's subreddit, getting downvoted into oblivion. apparently this is controversial.

the idea with the json event separation of concerns: you could share "event logs" which are basically program traces with timestamps. so you can pass that event log to someone else so they can visualize it as well. it also abstracts from uprobe api breakage.

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bitcoind/clightning events could be generated in realtime via usdt/uprobes+bpftrace by hooking into function calls at runtime. perhaps a small bpf program that generates json events to feed into these dashboards.

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I've been thinking a lot about immediate mode realtime dashboards. feed events from bitcoind, clightning. no web stack required. just opengl. lnvis could be way more interesting and interactive. visualize gossip in realtime, etc.

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at 30,000 lightning nodes and 138k channels I might need to update how lnvis renders things

brain fog is never an issue for me so I found it odd, the only variable I could think of is lack of sun lately. This is on top of a fasting + lots of water regimen which has the biggest impact on my mental clarity.

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I've been feeling the "brain fog" with this weather in Vancouver, so I've started taking vitamin D and I've been feeling better. placebo or not it's worth a try if you're feeling the same.

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