not sure why my gopher http proxy isn't working on mobile so here's the txt:

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Oh, interesting. My chrome on Android works when I'm not on my pi hole network. That leads me to suspect it's trying to phone home some telemetry on start-up.

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'finally my data is safe now that tiktok has been banned!!', i exclaim, before going back to browsing facebook on my android phone

Not to mention that the noise-protocol would be a strictly better choice here (less roundtrips), but unfortunately TLS is baked into the core protocol so you're stuck with it. I doubt Mercury will catch on but it would be my ideal "markdown gopher" protocol.

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gemini wastes time by adding a non-trivial amount of TLS latency to each request, most of the time this is completely unnecessary.

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looks like a lot of replies to this post on the geminiverse were against this proposal. I guess I'll be sticking with gopher for now.

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Not sure I'm a fan of mandatory TLS in gemini, what about mercury? gemini://

I transcribed the section where we talked about Gopher and put it in my gopher hole:

replace https:// with gopher:// to view it there :)

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If you maintain software using libbase58 (typically -related software), please reach out to me privately with a link to your code (if open source) and a PGP key.

This relates to your project's .

cool thing about this setup: if you replace the http:// prefix with gopher:// it will just work in your gopher client

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Now that I have a gopher http proxy on my site I have the best of both worlds: an awesome protocol to publish on AND readers (maybe)

Are Macaroons always an over-engineering disaster?

I did a podcast and talked about:

building your own desktop, how I approach building software, software freedom and indepedence, software bloat, why I built a game engine from scratch, noise protocol, the fediverse, why I use gopher, the metaverse, nix-bitcoin

testing to see if tooting from my irc client still works

Welcome new bitcoin peoples! At least we have this is things go to shit. I've been on "free speech" instances like, but left because the admin didn't like my relatively mild speech and told me to stop. At least Bitcoin people really care instead of pretending. And remember, you can always run your own activitypub node 😆

going to try and keep a more active journal during these crazy times...

day 1: covid update gopher://

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