Like their Announce activity should work? Do nodes do this? I haven't noticed it.

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is there a way to let actors know you've liked their boost in activitypub?

wait what's the Update activity in mastodon? is that delete and redraft?

Signal's down.

We really need a federated/decentralized alternative to it. XMPP is alright. But doesn't do calls last I checked.

I haven't updated my unstable branch since september and there has already been 12038 package updates. wowza.

> git log --no-merges ..upstream/nixos-unstable --format='%s' | wc -l


also this graph lol:

nixos-unstable is off the charts

@lain Unless your server has been explicitly placed on a hardcoded blacklist compiled into the app. πŸ‘€

We actully had a user pay MONEY for Toot! app on iPhone then couldn’t log in.

don't have to tell all of YOU this, but what a bunch of bullshit to ignore the great work of the Social Web W3C group! Twitter has done nothing but antagonize us in the process. Keep reminding these opportunistic fools.

Oumuamua could have been an artificial object like a relay station that our solar system passed by. Incredible interview (starts at 16:00)

*puts on 2010 dubstep*

4yo: β€œwait for the drop daddy”

guess I'm working on my C activitypub server today

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