I have been summoned for jury duty just after the bitcoin conference. are you kidding me. dunno how that is going to work when I'm supposed to be quarantined?

periodic reminder that I run npmrepo.com, if you make a search engine browser shortcut to npmrepo.com/%s then you can easily jump to any node package's git repo.

ie: try npmrepo .com/react

f in the chat for people getting swindled into a memecoin right now thinking it's their path to riches.

Bitcoin doesn't have to have good UX in same sense TCP/IP doesn't have to have good UX. It just has to work.

Bitcoin is the TCP/IP of value.

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everytime I hear people say Bitcoin has bad UX I just mentally replace Bitcoin with a conversation about TCP/IP:

"TCP/IP has bad UX and is too complicated for regular people to use day to day. I will stick to transcribing things over the phone, thanks though".

@stevenroose if you have a clear calendar you can get away with just using a todo list, but timeblocking is nice when you have other responsibilities during the day and you want to organize your todos around those.

one example is let's say I have 5 subtasks needed for a feature that I want to get done before I have to leave. I can scale each subtask proportionally to get an idea of how much time I should spend on each, to make sure I am able to get everything done in time.

still don't understand why nix hasn't taken over the world. it solves 99% of dev painpoints. I have used docker a few times but it's such a hack in comparison.


The more I code Rust coming from Haskell, the more I realize how it gravitationally pulls you into a similar immutable, value-oriented code structure. I mean you could fight it and try to use mutable references everywhere but the borrow checker will fight you to the death.

Please follow this account for Bitcoin Core project news such as releases and security notifications

working on a cool rust bitcoin project. don't want to hype it up too much yet though. let's just say it's motivated by the fact I don't want to run dotnet on my servers.

Go is chill in the sense it doesn't activate any interesting parts of my brain. I just mindlessly type repetitive instructions, the computer goes beep boop and it works.

well probably machine learning too but it's a much newer field and I feel like you can probably get the gist of it in a few years.

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think I might deep dive into machine learning after physics, although I feel like physics is going to be more a lifelong thing. insanely deep and rich subject.

optimized day today. <3 my timeblocking app. I would be hopeless without it.

anyone want to buy my whale pass if I test positive for covid at the border? πŸ˜…

best part of this:

"There is a mathematical relation between the rotation by 2pi and the exchange of particles."

"Most theoretical physiscists dont know this"


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