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The Myth of Authority
(Unbelievable how many bitcoiners are still obeying gov orders and still believe gov lies and BS)

🎵 While we drink up some more, of your nocoiner tears 🐽

Do you have nocoiner friends? Send them this song!

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Electrum can now download the Bitcoin whitepaper from the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Episode 353 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:
- "Reset Digital Currencies"
- Ivy League colleges buy bitcoin
- Rothschild buys bitcoin
- Marathon buys bitcoin (and mines it)
- Collateralized Debt Obligations come to


@NuGoUp that's what we all are in the eyes of current and specially future governments.

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The block 666.666 is about to be mined...
Is this the FINAL COUNTDOWN for all nocoiners to wake the fuck up?!
Hey nocoiners, if you do not wake the fuck up, then.... HFSP!


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Stop rambling around "defending ", but not USING BITCOIN!
Get into Bitcoin TODAY, if you want freedom tomorrow!

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I just set up a node/lightning with Umbrel - holy cow, it was easy!

Plus the welcome screen... 😂

If you're on the fence or feel like its too complicated - just go for it!

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Banksters and govs hate because they are scared that if they start using Bitcoin, then everybody can see their corruption and money laundering.
Banks doesn't know how to CoinJoin 😂

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Which is worse, the ECB being run by a convicted criminal or the IMF being run by a PhD from the Karl Marx Institute?

Trick question I think. Both show how corrupt the fiat system is.

Any recommended tutorial on how to install Mastodon own instance over Tor with docker?

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For all those asking on reddit about "taxes on Bitcoin" they bought... you never think that TAXATION IS A THEFT? Or at least who is this IRS?
Here you have something to think about

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