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MicroStrategy has purchased an additional ~19,452 bitcoins for ~$1.026 billion in cash at an average price of ~$52,765 per . As of 2/24/2021, we ~90,531 bitcoins acquired for ~$2.171 billion at an average price of ~$23,985 per bitcoin. $MSTR

Those that see me as toxic, miss the point completely. Those that give me a chance appreciate the guidance.

Bitcoin is like water...
It can be crucial, life-giving.
And it can be dangerous.
Bitcoin is nature.
Bitcoin will do what it wants.

Citadel owns Robindhood🤔
This should be shared.. everywhere...

I don't think he got it...😂
Flew right over his head.

Thought I'd share my daily morning green juice (6-8oz):
- bundle of Kale (or, Dino Kale)
- 1 cucumber
- 1 stick of celery
- 1 carrot
- 1 orange
- 1 apple
- ginger
- tumeric

I drink this after a shot of fresh lemon juice.
Been in my regiment for years now.

There are some who for Bitcoin have nothing but hate, who refuse to engage in an honest debate.

You may call them Nocoiners or Cantillionaries.

To abuse and enrage them you simply declare.

Have fun staying poor, have fun staying poor, while we drink up some more of your Nocoiner tears..😂

Be ready for your funds to be kept hostage for information on all the custodial exchanges.
* use @bisq_network and @hodlhodl
* buy from friends with cash
* earn
* mine

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Today @Bitstamp has gone even further than the law requires. They now want me to:
- show them how much I earn
- show them where I got my from
- proof of funds

Seriously!! WTF!! And I can’t withdraw and leave so must comply..

So now it appears there's a new campaign to push that Bitcoin is a cult. I swear, the FUD is getting more stupid by the day...🙄

You guys really don't have to sell the idea of Bitcoin here, you're amongst believers. It's like trying to sell the idea of winning a championship ring to a NBA players.

I'm really like Mastodon. Birdspace feels like a complete cesspool. They'll even shadow-ban you, giving you a sense that nothing's wrong, just to show you ads at that point.

Just this one time, here's a little secret I can share🤫

1.0 BTC will be worth ~$1,300,000 USD in 2025.

That is all.

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