Daily reminder: Amazon and Jeff Bezos owns 40% of the network.

is so incredibly boring.. on the other hand has always been fascinating.

There is no such thing as a health emergency.

Imagine living a worthless, woke life… I guess they don’t know any different with them being NPCs🤷‍♂️

Anti-depressants, another scam. Were you one of the many to buy i to that shit? Shame on you😂

Can’t wait to destroy the dems during elections.

Pro female sports fail because women don’t watch it, they’d rather watch the Kardashians🤷‍♂️

“Global Health Emergencies” are man-made, fiction. Sure you can have a health issue, and it can happen globally amongst peoples, but it’s definitely not a crisis. We will always have health problems no matter what. To call it a global emergency is irresponsible and wrongly induces panic.

I was toxic looooong before it became a buzzword.

I was thinking we should just hang Scwab, burn his entire family at the stake🤔 Problem solved.

It’s not just Twitter or Facebook, TikTok.. literally all social media is a cesspool of filth. Human nature is the prime reason why you should never have invented social media to begin with. The world is in a much worse off place than it ever has because of it.

Just a friendly reminder.

There are absolutely zero natural crises. The state of panic is all psychological and man-made so that those in control can keep control. Overpopulation, climate issues, viruses, food and water availability, everything is being used as a weapon, yet nothing is in jeopardy. Literally all problems we as humans face ate created by the governments of the world.

Most 99% of the influencers will fall, lose their way, and most will fall deep into shitcoinery. Fiat is a drug and slaves will continue being slaves. Kill your heroes. Be sovereign and don't fall into any traps.

teaches us that human beings are good at fucking everything up.

If you switch the race of a character/people in a movie, you are actually being racist and against the race the character(s) was written for. Not the other way around you virtue-seeking idiot.

They are called shitcoins for many reasons, one being it’s shitty code written by total shitheads.

Totally blows me away that people actually thought Nic Carter had integrity, they thought he was intelligent. Damn, some of you really can’t read people at all can you?😂

It’s quite funny to think that my vintage game collection was even more profitable than holding gold. Really tells you something😂

R Kelly messed up🤦‍♂️ He could have just jumped on a flight on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Island instead and he’d still be a free man today.

Truth of the matter is, being fiat rich doesn’t prove one’s intellect. I’ve been there and done that, 7 figures status/net worth. When you’re Elon Musk rich you’re not “free”, you are a slave to the money and your slaveowners (aka US government, investors). is true freedom.

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