The pipeline was hacked again and the hackers are selling the BTC they got in the ransom.

Sure I didn’t like what Elon Musk did but to be honest, nothing anyone says will change Bitcoin. To be honest, although I am no longer a shareholder, I still wish the best for Tesla. They make really great cars and nothing else from any other carmaker has impressed me in the slightest. Tesla is literally 10 years ahead of the competition.

I would always put my trust in Bitcoin over another human being.

Never, ever log in with Facebook on any site.

Bitcoin will go to Mars before Elon Musk will.

Just scooped up a bunch of sats. Thank you!

Bitcoin literally fixes the planet and humanity in every way, but people can’t make it that easy or they don’t really want things fixed.

I don’t take any “medication” and never got the flu shot… I haven’t gotten sick in 23+ years. How’s that feel like, I forget?😂

should be all you doge dumbasses need to see.
RT @BillyM2k
@TerrysFishyTips @elonmusk i made doge in like 2 hours i didn't consider anything

I think that if you start testing those that are vaccinated, you’ll find a surprising amount of positives. Actually, I’ll put $10k on that bet.

When in history has it ever been a success when the government interceded, in any situation? I'll wait...

You all worry too much are bullshit. Go outside and chill.

I may never know how to sell Bitcoin, I just buy, until the day I die. It really doesn't matter either if you think about it though, the fiat wasn't worth shit to begin with🤷‍♂️

The US will get involved with the Palestine/Israel bullshit because Dems love war.

I just got my 'Buy Instantly' limit on SwanBitcoin increased to 50k daily. That's real nice😉

I must just be the unlucky guy to never get anything close to the Coronavirus. Maybe next year.. oh well...

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