I love creating new things. Juggling three businesses at once, I couldn't just have one job.

Buy Bitcoin. This is the only financial advice you’ll ever need.

I feel like I don't have enough Bitcoin and that I'll miss out on these crazy prices. I need to find more funds...

Apparently Biden said (in his words) any American earning less than $400k doesn't have to pay a penny in taxes. So a lot of you can just cancel doing your taxes this time around🎉

I just don’t understand who the morons are that sell Bitcoin. Stupidity really is the true pandemic.

People are funny. They honestly think nature is out to get them, and that humans can actually affect/change nature. Truth of the matter is, we're insignificant to nature.

YouTube plays ads promoting gold with a talking head saying "who do you trust?".

Are you kidding me right now?🤦‍♂️

Looks like Biden is due for impeachment as he abandoned the rule of law and abandoned all immigration laws. He just doesn't want to do the job.

Kamala Harris is now head of the Space Council, thereby it is now the defunct Space Council. That was quick.

I guess racism is now a designer fad thanks to the "anti-racists".

A good “medicine”, or good vaccine would never exist. There’s no money in cures and/or natural treatment.

So when did the zombies start wearing a mask outdoors too? I feel like I’m the only one wearing mine hardly at all, while others are wearing them more. Guess that’s why they’re called NPCs.

I've always wondered why human beings have the tendency to believe that people they do not know, care about them, simply because they say they do. Blows my mind.

All day I create. Never have I gone a day without learning something new.

This is the way.

It's hard for me to justify putting any money into the stock market when that money would be better suited in Bitcoin. A diversified portfolio is overrated.

If you've never downloaded TikTok in your life, give yourself a pat on the back, that's quite the accomplishment.

The worst kind of life to live is a "normie" life.

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