As I've predicted, NFTs and all this virtual metaverse shit will make *actual* collectibles worth more and the price will skyrocket; i.e., retro gaming, comic book memorabilia. People want tangible collectibles.

Why do so many sheep care so much about voting rights? It’s not like your votes count for anything. Democracy is an act, nothing but a show for the peasants.

I got the inside scoop on Reddit and oh man is that place a shit show… The tech is ridiculously bad and the culture is worse.

Imagine repeating something a brain dead, air-headed TikTok’er chick said like, “shut up Boomer”, and thinking you’re witty😂

I feel so out-of-place with the programmers at this conference. They’re all mask wearing, hand sanitizer nazis. I love hacking and coding, but these people are just fucking NPCs like the rest of the sheep out there…

Me at a conference:

Others: Why don’t you wear a mask?
Me: It’s ok, I had no shots

The shit will hit the fan when people wake up in a year or so, and realize how they've been had by NFTs. I'll just sit back with my popcorn and laugh. I can't help being right all the time guys, sorry, I've been doing this now for over 40+ years🤷‍♂️

Inconvenient Truth: Everything crypto is a scam, even the shops that operate around Bitcoin. Only on its own is legit.

I really don’t think we’ll see at $100k+ usd in 2022. It will just be another opportunity to stack and shake out the weak hands. We’re only a couple years away from the next halfing, which is very interesting.

They fucked up the Matrix 4. Are there really no competent people in Hollywood... at all? I could have written a better plot sitting on the shitter.

Don’t count on Web 3.0 being any good. With every iteration of the web, it’s actually gotten worse. Just take a look at the current state of the Internet, it’s a complete shit show.

JUST IN –  miners generated $15 BILLION in revenue during 2021, a 200% annual increase

True Web3.0 isn’t about NFTs and shitcoins. It’s supposed to be about decentralization, .

Imagine putting your entire life into a scam like Ethereum. What a sad life to lead…☹️ People that have lost their way, their lives over too soon.

Some people think it’s Biden that’s the asshole, but in reality the assholes are the ones that voted him in.

Quick idea. Why not burn down all the facilities housing vaccines?🧐

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