Im gonna give mastodon another shot.
Lets make the shift happen!🙂

Hi! I need create a facebook account without giving my own phonenumber to recieve a verification SMS. I have used a few SMS services online but I believe they have been used before as Facebook doesnt accept it. Does anyone know some less known online sms services?

Is there anyone who knows if there is a similar way of making shared books as github. I am exploring making books for teaching maths as a shared project.

People seem good while they are oppressed, but they only wish to become oppressors in their turn: life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.
-- Bertrand Russell

#anarchism #quote #bot

BTC Dominance: 57.0%
Bcash = 0.06962743 BTC!

Spread BCH/BTC 0.0012% 😮.
Beats most traditionel markeds.

I was around r/btc and it seems like Faketoshi is about to get booted from the community. Seems like we should stop doing all the work for them. The bitcoin community have been all about exposing him as a scammer and Corey found the bug. If we just left them alone the would most likely disappear much faster.

Turns out Roger Ver is 95% Clown.
Actually thought it would be higher, but spreadsheets don't lie..

There seems to be a marked for passphrases for computers just as to a Trezor. One for the police and other authorities and one for other activities.

Halong miner nonavailable for new customers.
Anyone know if it was vaporware or the are fullfilling earlier orders?

The buywall just got lower 7%
I was looking forward to it being eaten.

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