My Lightning Network Gaming startup THNDR GAMES just crossed the 100,000 download mark.

Lightning Network Deniers have gone the way of the Dodo 🦤

Lol 😂 did we all just get deplatformed from Bitcoin Mastodon?!?

I’ve been looking at the digital ocean installation as that seems the easiest way to make your own instance. Still looks bloody tricky though!

Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

Like every toot you see on your timeline. Give everyone that endorphin hit. Let’s get addicted to mastodon

I think Mast is my favourite app for Mastodon because it has a true dark mode. I.e black not some ugly gray.

@eifer @jackeveritt @mattodell Is it possible have Mastodon on as an app?

Yeah place your bets. Who will be the first bitcoin OG to do a “install your own mastodon instance” tutorial. It’s much needed

Im not going to cross post on twitter. The vibe is different here so I think it deserves different content. Feels more personal on mastodon

@mattodell.... GrapheneOS.... where does the rabbit hole start? I want to make the jump

So this is what the inside of a hornets nest feels like

Bitcoin Mastodon is great because the feed is not filled with elevator pitches, endless podcast/livestream drivel and noisy product shilling

Everyone on here is really funny. Seems like all the dullards haven’t joined yet

Win 1000 sats!

First 5 bitcoiners to reply with to this toot with a screenshot from our game TURBO 84 of you crashing at a speed of 21 will win!

Download it here

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