Free advice for the class of 2020/21...listen to the Maximalist who warn you to not to invest into crypto Shitcoins

Logs are only good for debugging 😎. Access logs serve nothing as well, especially ones that show 200s 🤮

@lain I would recommend using lightning. Here's a list of places it can be used mostly online purchases, you can also buy gift cards from bitrefill using Bitcoin Lightning.

To use Lightning you can download bluewallet from app stores and send Bitcoin which opens Lightning payment channel, this requires a Bitcoin network fee. Once this channel is open you can send money fast and cheap, even top it up so you don't have to pay more network fees.

is there any crypto that is actually being used that isn't super expensive to transfer? bitcoin cash?

May I ask, what's the purpose of the Transfer?

* Moving from an exchange to a wallet?

* To purchase goods?

* Send to other wallets from yours?

I guess it makes more sense to follow ppl on other instances.

Out of interest, do we know which instances block us?

I heard some people say there is no way to edit toots here, I just noticed you can delete and redraft a toot. Not the same but useful.

@elliot Compile your own kernel on an airgap computer and run containers as non-root, too hardcore?

@lliure Also, Olaoluwa Osuntokun and Rene Pickhardt are Lightning experts.

@jakub @SteakDestroyer damn, maybe server needs an update. I think with the influx of users, it might be smart to start building multi bitcoin related instances.

@SteakDestroyer By the looks you only need to add an alias to do an export. @jakub you did this earlier, right?

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